Boiler problems? Most searched concerns answered by heating expert

Boiler problems? As winter rages on, we all live in fear of the boiler packing up—your questions answered by a heating expert

Boiler problems
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Boiler problems are everyone's worst nightmare and as winter rages on and energy prices are ever-increasing—this nightmare could end up costing you a hell of a lot.

Although the energy crisis is causing a lot of worry across the UK, consumers are also aware that no matter what time of year, boiler problems are always a reason for concern.

It might be an all-year-round concern but let's be real, they always seem to pack up when winter still has its grip around us and we need the heat the most! However, with record rises in energy costs, set to take effect in April—spring is bringing just as many energy concerns. Meaning that with many wondering how to save on energy bills—it's crucial that we have fully functioning boilers to keep us warm and save energy.

Alex Ion, a heating expert at spoke to woman&home, addressing the most searched boiler problems and even troubleshot some ways to save you dough on your energy bills.

Why does my boiler keep losing pressure?

According to research, Alex says the most searched concern online is regarding the unit's pressure.

He says that the reason for this is usually a leak. "This is not necessarily a leak in the boiler itself," he explains, "it could be a leak anywhere in the central heating system."

In order to prevent the boiler from losing pressure, the expert says, "you need to find the leak and fix it. Then you can top up the boiler via the filling loop, and it should operate without further problems."

Why is my boiler making a loud vibrating noise?

Something rumbling? A lot of boiler owners are concerned by worrying noises from their systems and Alex says that the most likely reason for this is that one of the motorized components has seized, such as the pump. 

"To make sure, check whether the pump is hot," he says. "If it’s uncomfortably hot to touch while the boiler makes a loud vibrating noise then you can safely assume that it is the pump."

The expert explains further that a boiler will cease when the pump is clogged with limescale or heating sludge. However, it could also be a case of wear and tear as the boiler ages. 

So what should you do? 

"The best course of action is to contact a Gas Safe engineer to inspect the boiler. It is likely that they will have to do a thorough clean and also potentially flush out the entire central heating system," says Alex. "Alternatively if the issue is down to the age of the boiler, you may have to replace it with a new one."

Why is my boiler leaking water from underneath?

Suspicious puddles appearing would drive anyone up the wall and are understandably cause for alarm. 

On these leaks, Alex says, "One of the explanations for this is that the pressure in the boiler is too high and the pressure release valve is releasing water from the system to lower the boiler pressure."

Why does my boiler keep gaining pressure?

Although losing pressure is one of the earlier concerns, it can be just as worrying if the pressure is on the up.

Alex explains, "this can be caused by too much pressure in the system, filler loop letting in water, or faulty pressure release components."

Why does my boiler keep firing up?

Our final boiler-related issue question is why does my boiler keep firing up. The main reasons for this include gas valve faults in which not enough gas is allowed into the boiler, as well as gas meter problems. Whereby the regulator freezes in cold weather so the meter does not allow a sufficient amount of gas to keep the boiler going. 

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