Poldark Season 3: The Release Date, Dramatic Plot Twists And Everything You Need To Know

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  • It’s one of the most popular period dramas of recent years, and now Poldark season 3 has finally been given an official release date.

    The third installment of the Cornish series is set to be released on 11th June – and we can’t wait!

    We’ve been on tenterhooks ever since the last season ended back in 2016, to find out all the answers to our burning questions. Will Ross Poldark, our favourite leading man, and wife Demelza recover from his betrayal? Will Elizabeth stay with George? Who is really the father of Elizabeth’s baby?

    It seems like in this season, all of our questions will soon be answered. A new trailer has also been released, showing exactly who will be joining the show, and who will be getting their top off – clue, it’s not Aidan Turner…

    Is Harry Richardson, who is set to play Demelza’s brother Drake, about to take the crown from Ross Poldark in the heartthrob stakes? From the looks of the trailer, he might be…

    So what should you be looking forward to in season 3? Take a look at all the reasons you need to tune in…

    Ross and Demelza are back together and happy – or are they?

    Last season of course saw a collossal betrayal from Ross Poldark, when he cheated on wife Demelza and slept with Elizabeth after she agreed to marry the lecherous George Warleggan.

    Throughout the entire second season, viewers – along with Demelza – were tense waiting for the moment they feared was inevitable. When it eventually happened, her relationship with Ross imploded.

    But as the third season opens, it seems that the couple have been able to somewhat move past the cheating. The pair appear to be getting on and supporting each other – but is that relatively happy bubble set to last? 

    Eleanor Tomlinson laughed, and has said “What makes you think it’s better? They’ve reached this place because she still loves him and wants to be with him. So it has to be okay, for want of a better word. She has to put it behind her, and deal with the child when it comes along!”

    Elizabeth will get some male attention that may pull them apart

    In a trailer for upcoming episodes this season, it seems that Demelza and Ross’ relationship is put into even further turmoil, as new character Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse) makes plain his feelings for her.

    Tomlinson says, “He pays Demelza some attention which is nice. But I’m not giving anything away – I’ll be intrigued to see how the fans respond to it.” So could Demelza finally find happiness without Ross?

    Ross Poldark probably won’t be taking his shirt off

    Poldark has reached TV legend status and won legions of fans for himself
    with his topless antics – so much so, that it’s become a bit of an
    expectation for viewers of the show.

    But bad news for fans, as it doesn’t look as those we’ll be seeing anything similar in the third season.

    Aiden has said, “I think the clothes stay on this year! Maybe there’s some topless sleeping – look at us go!

    The paternity of Elizabeth’s baby is STILL under question – and will be for a while

    In the second season, Elizabeth of course slept with two men – Ross and George. And now the baby is almost born, audiences are still left in the dark as to who the father is. And it seems that the uncertainty is set to continue at least until a few episodes into the third season…

    The show’s writer, Debbie Horsefield, said, “We don’t know who the father is of that child. In the books it is not clear. In those days it was really difficult to do a paternity test. So we don’t know, and neither does Elizabeth I think. Not for certain.”

    Aiden Turner, who plays Ross Poldark, admitted that his character is attempting to deny that he could be the father of the child. He said, “If Ross isn’t thinking about it or talking about it, it doesn’t really happen, it doesn’t exist. There’s a lot of denial, I think he just keeps himself busy until that pressing moment when it comes along and he has to think about it.”

    There will be a whole host of new characters to look forward to

    Namely, the appearance of Demelza’s brothers. So far, we’ve not known very much about the redhead’s past, but in the new season, we’ll be seeing a lot more of them. 

    Tom Yorke and Harry Richardson have joined the cast as her brothers, and it appears they couldn’t be more different if they tried! Tom plays the deeply religious Sam, while Harry plays the more light-hearted and free spirited Drake, both of whom decide to venture to Ross and Demelza’s village.

    And never fear, because although Aiden won’t be taking his top off this season, the new male arrivals have promised that they do! However, they did admit that “No one can beat Aiden” though.

    A young lady called Morweena (played by Ellise Chappell) will be joining as Elizabeth’s cousin, and will act as younger George Warleggan’s governess as she moves into both George and Elizabeth’s house.

    Ross’ dad’s long-lost friend, Tholly Tregils (played by Sean Gilder) will also put in an appearance in this series. Gilder said, “He’s an old friend of Ross’s father, who we figured would have known him since he was eight years old. He comes back after 13 years away. I believe he knows Ross better than anybody in the story.”

    Aiden Turner confirmed that, while the two characters inevitably get up to no good in upcoming episodes, the pair had a lot of fun filming together.

    Poldark season 3 starts on BBC One in June.

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