Attention iPhone Users! This Affects You!

The latest Apple operating system, iOS 10, launches today, and you can expect some pretty big changes that you might be pleased about.

In a move set to make iPhone users very happy, Apple today release their new iPhone operating system which was confirmed a few months ago. As part of the update you will be able to get rid of those pesky inbuilt apps that you never use but take up precious memory. There are 23 apps in total that you will be able to delete, including little used ones like compass, stocks and voice memos.

Unfortunately, removing these apps won’t create as much space as you might hope. Between them they amount to just 150mb – that’s equivilent to about 45 songs or a couple hundred photos. Every little helps though…

But that’s not the only interesting change coming in the new update. Here are three other features we’re really delighted about too:

1) Siri got an upgrade. Did you know that Siri is used more than 2 billion times per week? The personal assistant currently handles requests like “what is the weather?’ and “call mum” but after the update you can to ask it to do things in third party apps, suchas Whatsapp and uber, making it easier to send a message or order a taxi while hands free.

2) Voicemail transcriptions. You will no longer have to sit through long, drawn out answer-phone messages. In the new system you can choose the option of having them transcribed into a text message for you to read at your leisure. That means no more listening to messages three of four times when you miss the number or name!

3) Photo Memories: You might be familiar with the app ‘Time-hop’, or Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ feature? Well, Apple is keen to capitalise on this trend by launching photo memories whereby your phone automatically stitches together photo montages of particular dates, times or occasions.

Like what you’ve read and keen to upgrade to iOS 10? You might receive a notification encouraging you to update, but if you don’t go to settings, then general, then software updates and follow the instructions. You will need at least an iPhone 5 in order to update to the new system.