Andrea McLean breaks down in tears on Loose Women

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  • It may have been a light-hearted episode of Loose Women yesterday as the panellists celebrated Halloween.

    But for Andrea McLean, things took a rather dark turn during a therapy session, which was a pre-recorded segment aired on Wednesday’s show.

    She undertook some gruelling regression therapy – a technique that is used to discover events from your past life. The aim is to try and uncover distressing things which may be affecting your wellness in your current life.

    However, when Andrea went in for her session, she appeared to uncover a very troubling past – which, although she doesn’t conciously remember, reduced her to tears.

    As she began to explain where her mind had taken her and what she could see, she described an interesting scene. She said, “Blue skies, sand, sandals, it’s very hot. It’s like in the Middle East or somewhere.

    “No we’re very poor, we keep animals, goats. I’ve got married, he’s very wealthy, yes.”

    As Andrea went on, she then discovered a devastating moment in her past life.

    She said, “We have no children, helping my family, we send them money and help out the village, build proper homes. I have a charity – we build schools, I want to help girls do what I do.”

    “I’m in America now, I’m in New York, everyone’s very smartly dressed and it’s the 50s. I have little dogs, my husband thinks they’re a nuisance but I like them, they’re my babies.”

    Then, bursting into tears, she revealed, “I’m in bed and he’s gone and I miss him. He’s gone before me and I want to go with him.” – seemingly referring to a dead husband.

    Back in the studio, Andrea confessed that the therapy had left her ‘inconsolable’ – even if she didn’t quite understand it.

    “It went on a lot longer that, I was inconsolable. I’ve never done anything like that. I’m fairly open-minded, in terms of what I saw, I don’t know – but I felt overwhelming grief talking about this person that was such a big person in my life, I cried and cried.”

    It’s no surprise that it was a scary experience for the 49-year-old – who herself has only recently got married to her husband Nick Feeney. The pair tied the knot late last year, with all of her Loose Women colleagues in attendance.

    Later on in the spooky Halloween special, the Loose Women ladies were discussing what their plans are in the event of an apocalypse.

    And according to Andrea, the best place to go should zombies invade us is a golf course – although why, we’re still not sure!

    The panellists were also dressed in their finest Halloween gear – with Andrea dressed up as Morticia Addams, from the Addams family.

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