Andrea McClean on why she supports Breast Cancer Care

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  • Loose Women presenter Andrea McClean is set to join us at Leeds Castle Pink Ribbonwalk on 8 June. Here, she tells writer Lucy Snow why she signed up and why you should too…

    Breast Cancer Care is a fantastic charity. I’ve been working with them for quite a few years now and I think they’re just brilliant. Obviously the money is needed for research – that is hugely important – but I think what’s equally important is giving people support and help when they’ve been diagnosed. They step into the breach and give a calm and guiding hand, which is just what you need.
    My mum had a breast cancer scare about 15 years ago. It was caught and everything was ok, so we didn’t actually need any support, but other people aren’t so lucky. It’s just good to know that there is support out there, like a friend that you don’t necessarily need to see all the time, but you know that they’ll be there.
    I had my own breast cancer scare in August last year. I had a lump that started off like a little pea, and because of what my mum had been through, I ignored it. You’re not supposed to, but I did. A couple of weeks went by, and it grew to about the size of my thumb. It started to grow really quite quickly and I got quite scared, so I mentioned it to a friend who was a nurse who instantly told me to go to the doctor and get a referral. I had to wait for a few weeks for the referral to come through, so that was fairly nerve-wracking. Then I went to the Royal Marsden in Surrey, which was just brilliant – within a day I knew. It was fine – just a fibrous growth and nothing to be worried about. 

    I’m really forward to joining w&h readers at the Pink Ribbonwalk at Leeds Castle.
    I’ve not done any training so I think I’ll play it safe by doing the 10-mile walk. If I tried to do the 20-mile walk without any training, I’d probably keel over! I’ll see you at the start line. Let’s hope the weather’s good!
    There’s still time to sign up to join Andrea on the Pink Ribbonwalk at Leeds Castle on Saturday 8 June. Simply visit to register online.
    Alternatively, you can sign up to join the hundreds of women walking the final Pink Ribbonwalk 2013 on Saturday 15 June at Marble Hall Park, Twickenham.

    See photos from the first two Pink Ribbonwalks in 2013 here

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