Andie MacDowell reveals why she won't be called 'granny' after becoming first-time grandma at 64

Andie MacDowell has spoken publicly about the birth of her first grandchild after her son, Justin, and his partner, Nicolette, welcomed a baby girl last year

Andie MacDowell won't be called 'granny' after becoming first-time grandma at 64
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Andie MacDowell has revealed why she refuses to be called 'granny' after celebrating becoming a grandmother before Christmas. 

The Maid star spoke publicly about the birth of her first grandchild earlier this week, much to the delight of her adoring fanbase. 

Appearing on Tuesday's episode of Today, MacDowell shared new details on the milestone event after being congratulated by host Al Roker. The update comes just a few months after the 64-year-old  announced that her, son, Justin Qualley, was expecting a baby girl with his partner, Nicolette. 

"Wow...I just spent Christmas with her," MacDowell revealed. "I've never had somebody look into me and see my soul like that. It was definitely a soul-to-soul connection." The American TV interview also saw Andie MacDowell embrace her natural grey hair, after being advised by managers in the past against the transition. 

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell with her son, Justin Qualley, in 2020

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When asked what she would like to be called by her granddaughter, MacDowell replied, "I haven't decided, she can't speak yet. I'm gonna give her time." She then said, "I'm thinking Nana or Grandma," before adding, "Not Granny. It's up to her."

It remains unknown when exactly MacDowell's first grandchild was born, but the anticipation for the little one's arrival was hard to deny. The Groundhog Day star posted a gushing message on Instagram in June to share the family update, revealing that she "can't wait" to meet her "sweet" granddaughter in person. 

MacDowell then hailed Justin as "a blessing and a gift to me from the very beginning" and said that he is "the best thing that ever happened to me." She also revealed that the 37-year-old, who works as a real estate agent in Montana, "never looks at his phone" and "does not live life online." 

"My son plants fruit trees that’s how he has fun. Nicolette and Justin are down to earth in every way," MacDowell said. "Montana provides the perfect home for them and the quiet solitude they deserve." 

The former Calvin Klein model went on to share sweet words about her two daughters, Rainey, 32, and her Maid co-star Margaret, 28, adding, "My children are the best part of my life. I am constantly learning from them, they are my greatest teachers." 

Elsewhere in the Today interview, MacDowell discussed her new Hallmark series, The Way Home. In the multigenerational drama, the Hollywood icon plays Del Laundry, a grandmother who is estranged from her daughter and grandchild. 

"It was a great script, when I read it, I got cold chills," she revealed, adding that she loves a "show that's led by women." 

The Way Home will premiere on the Hallmark channel on Sunday, January 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

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