Celebrity MasterChef

Masterchef is one of those good old, classic cooking shows that always makes for an enjoyable watch. Come the evening, you're almost guaranteed to find us sat on our sofa in front of the TV, to watch the latest batch of contestants sweat it out about their poached pears or duck confit before facing the wrath of John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

The current series has now begun and we're already hooked. But did you know that there are secrets behind the scenes on set that you never even knew?

While we await Celebrity Masterchef with baited breath, find out exactly what goes on behind the boiling pots of water and frantic vegetable chopping...

1. Ever wondered what really happens to the food after the amateur chefs have so lovingly prepared it? Well, it turns out that Gregg and John actually have to wait quite a while to get to eat the contestants meals, as producers need to make sure to get the perfect shot beforehand.

Former Masterchef: The Professionals finalist Rosanna Moseley spilled the beans on the behind the scenes reality, saying "The food stays there for a bit after you've finished so they can get good shots of it, so it can be cold by the time the judges get to it,"

But she also added that the judging duo don't hold that against you - kindly. Apparently, Gregg and John take the temperature "into consideration" without mentioning it.

2. Filming of the final episodes is actually pretty gruelling. According to a former contestant, the contestants and judges are usually required to travel abroad, often have to take time off work, and have to subsist on very little sleep. Similarly, the filming schedule in the finals and semi-finals is intense, most days starting at 7am and often not ending until 11pm.

3. Although contestants have admitted that Gregg Wallace can be slightly distracting, chatting to them whilst they're hard at work cooking, apparently, he often offers up tips and advice to contestants - so perhaps he's far more useful than he seems.

4. The current instalment of Masterchef as we know it actually isn't the first. It originally began over 27 years ago in 1990, and was presented by the chef Lloyd Grossman - yes the very same man who graces the labels of your pasta sauce jars.

5. According to Closer magazine, the judging pair are given very strict rules about what they're allowed to wear on the show. Reportedly, Gregg Wallace isn't allowed to wear pastel colours, and headwear - given the time in series two when his furry hat fell into a meal! John's wardrobe choices are also limited - he's been banned from donning Hawaiian shirts while filming - although we're not sure about the reason why for this one...

6. The winner of Masterchef doesn't actually win anything. While the Masterchef winner in America gets a cash prize of £250,000, all the UK winner gets is the title and a trophy - perhaps the honour of winning is prize enough. However, almost all the contestants on the show never return to their day job, with 70% going on to get a job in the food industry in some capacity.

7.John Torode met his future partner, Lisa Faulkner, on the show. She was a contestant in the celebrity version in 2010, but the pair didn't get together then. When both of their marriages ended, the pair got together two years later in 2012, and have been together ever since.

8. Apparently, Gregg Wallace has been advised not to eat so much of the food on the show, after his doctor became concerned about his cholesterol. He was instead advised to chew it and then spit it out - lovely.

9. Contestants are bound by strict secrecy when they sign up for the show. They all sign an agreement saying they won't discuss their progress with friends and family on the live shows - leaving loved ones on tenterhooks to find out where they've finished!

Masterchef is next on on 13th April 2017, at 8pm on BBC One.

Amy Hunt

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