9 Joys Every Grandparent Will Understand

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  • Being a parent and raising children is one of the most amazing, rewarding things anyone can ever do. But maybe even better than being a parent is being a grandparent! You get to experience all the great parts of parenting – reading stories, playing games, having meals together – without having to deal with the everyday routine of having children, which we all know can often consist of tantrums, bad moods and a whole lot of laundry.

    Minus all the mundane stresses of every day life, as a grandmother you are able to spend really special quality time with children who will no doubt absolutely adore you! With your years of parenting experience, you will always know just the right thing to cheer them up, make them laugh and show them how much they are loved. The bond between grandparent and grandchild is truly irreplaceable!

    Whether you’re already a grandparent, or anxiously awaiting the day you become one, we take a look at our top reasons why being “grandma”, “nanna” or “granny” is the best label of all…

    1) You will usually see the children at their best

    As a grandparent, you normally won’t have to deal with the routine parts of having children; the getting them up in the morning, getting them dressed, and dealing with the times that aren’t quite as lovely. You will most likely see them when they are already up, dressed, and in a great mood – and of course, your appearance is always bound to lift any bad tempers…

    2) You are allowed to spoil them

    Parents are constantly fighting an internal battle about whether they’re spoiling their kids. We’re so used to being told it will make them bratty, they will be bad with money, and it will take them longer to become independent, that there seems to be a constant worry about treating them too much. However, as a grandparent, it’s pretty much your divine right to spoil your grandchildren. And even if they do have their spoiled moments as a result, you can let their parents deal with it!

    3) You get to take a break

    Looking after children is no longer a consistent, everyday part of your life. Even if you are having a tiring weekend looking after your grandchildren while their parents are away, you can rest assured you will have some peace and quiet at the end of it. This prospect of a restful period, free from children’s noise and toys, is a luxury parents don’t often experience (but you can!)

    4) Your house can stay tidy for more than a few hours

    When you have children, it is likely that any mess which is tidied up will magically reappear in less than an hour. But when your grandchildren come to visit, tidying up at the end of the day means your house can actually stay tidy for a little while! You get to have the fun of children playing in your living room, but you can eliminate all the evidence, and get your own peaceful, tidy house back at the end!

    5) You can give your children parenting advice

    Watching your children raise their own children is, in some ways, the ultimate revenge. They can finally understand everything they put you through when you were raising them. As they complain about their moody, rebellious teenage daughter, you can deliver up some parenting advice with a healthy side serving of “I told you so” (but you’re only trying to help, of course).

    But, It’s also a real treat to see the children you raised doing a great job at bringing up their own children. You did brilliantly – and so will they.

    6) You have more free time to devote to fun activities

    While their parents may be working tirelessly to keep a roof over their heads, you will probably have a lot more free time which you can invest in fun activities and spending quality time with your grandchildren. You can take them to amusement parks, swimming baths, or even just picnics in the garden. Although their parents will try their best to do these activities, it may not always be possible as they are busier than you, so you are able to fill these gaps to make sure your grandchildren have the most enjoyable childhoods they could possibly have.

    7) You don’t have to hassle them

    One of the worst – but most necessary – parts of being a parent is all the hassling and moaning you have to do. “Tidy your room”, “do your homework” and “clear the table” are some of your most used phrases as a parent. Even if you did try to whine at your grandchildren and tell them what to do, your children would probably tell you off for getting involved with their parenting. As a grandparent, you get to give yourself a break from the endless moaning – enjoy it!

    8) You can get away with being a little bit weird

    For some reason, grandparents are often associated with being a little kooky and eccentric, so you might as well make the most of it! Tell them those stories about your teenage years – they might laugh at the things you did before technology was invented, but you can guarantee they’ll be relaying those same stories one day in the future…

    9) They will (probably) treat you with respect

    While children and youngsters may be stroppy and rude to their parents, it is unlikely they will treat you in the same way. There is something about you being older and wiser, combined with the fact you probably don’t shout at them to tidy their room on a daily basis, which means they will always be sweet as pie to you – even if they’re scowling at their mother out of the corner of their eye. Ahh, isn’t it nice being Granny?!

    So although being a parent is amazing, you don’t have to worry too much when your kids grow up. Being a grandparent means there’s even more love, fun and happiness to come!

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