Cecelie Ahern

Cecelia Ahern, the best-selling author of P.S. I Love You lets us in on a few of her secrets ahead of the launch of her newest novel Lyrebird... PLUS find out how you can join Cecelia and woman&home at a very special event that costs just £15!

1. When she was 16 Cecelia starred in a Christmas pantomime in the Olympia Theatre Dublin with Samantha Mumba and Dustin the Turkey. It was called Rockin' Hood, Prince of Babes!

2. She provided backing vocals on a charity song with Bono and the Edge, but it might be long gone as she has never heard it anywhere since.

3. When she was 18 Cecelia was in a band called Shimma. They were put together specifically for the Eurosong, the national song contest, to represent Ireland in the Eurovision. They crashed and burned in the contest, coming 3rd, and the record company dropped them. "I'm thankful for this as it meant I got the performance bug out of my system and I focused on college after that."

4. Cecelia still sucks her thumb and has a pillowcase named Sniffy that travels everywhere with her. The pillowcase was a present for her 2nd birthday for her first bed. The pillowcase itself is a ‘he' one and when she got married it was her 'something old' wrapped around the bouquet.

5. She was such a huge Take That fan, that her grandma was afraid to sleep in her bedroom when she stayed over because of all the eyes staring at her - there were even posters on the ceiling. Mark Owen was her favourite because her friend was obsessed with Robbie and wouldn't allow her to like him too...

6. When she is not writing novels she loves writing different kinds of stories, short stories, screenplays and TV shows. She recently wrote an animation film screenplay and is currently writing a 60 minute TV erotic comedy that she loves doing! "I never know what kind of idea is going to pop into my head - and they won't go away until they're written and brought to life in some shape or form."

7. Warner Bros and Wendy Firemman Productions have recently optioned her first Young Adult series Flawed, and the sequel Perfect. "They're the same team behind the PS I Love You film, so I'm incredibly hopeful and excited about it being adapted to film. It's a powerful story that I would love to see being told on film"

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