5 Ways To Show Kids How Fun Cooking Can Be

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    It can be hard to be a kid in the kitchen. When ‘Don’t touch that!’ and ‘Be careful with those!’ is all you hear from your worried parents, it’s only understandable that a large proportion avoids cooking at all costs.

    But encouraging your little ones to enjoy helping out can be easy, thanks to Ikea. Their new manifesto – from kids to parents – is called ‘Cooking With Parents’, and covers the five key rules you need to follow to keep them happy. Follow these, and you’ll be the most popular parent around…

    1.’Don’t correct me all the time’.
    Admit it – we all do it! But our children are fed up of feeling useless. Instead, keep them happy with plenty of praise and encouragement.

    2.’Don’t get mad if I fail’.
    A classic parental downfall. Our kids are learners, and who best to teach them? You, of course! Have patience, and watch them flourish as they learn new kitchen skills.

    3.’Don’t rush me’
    Cooking might be all about getting timings right – but let them learn that the hard way! Give them kitchen tasks that don’t have a time limit, and they might even teach you a thing or two about new techniques.

    4.’And what’s wrong with being messy?’
    Kids love it! And if they’re having fun, who are we to interfere?!

    5.’It’s ok to get tired or lose interest’
    Let them have a break – after all that hard work, they deserve it!

    This weekend, why not spend some time in the kitchen with your kids? IKEA believes that children are the most important people in the world. And they’re right – your little ones could even teach you a thing or two!

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