5 Pictures That Will Make You Want To Adopt A Cat Immediately

A new photo project called ‘I am still a cat’ has melted even the toughest of hearts in the w&h office this morning.

Why? Well Polish photographer, Monika Malek wanted to change the way people perceive disabled cats. So she grabbed her camera and started taking pictures of friend’s disabled cats and those at rescue shelters.

‘I want to change the mind-set of dividing cats into categories of worse and better, and hope that people would treat disabled cats normal. Not special, not worse but, simply, normal’, she says.

‘I’ve met many disabled cats and the more I’ve met them, the more I felt that there’s nothing to be afraid of.’

All too often disabled cats aren’t adopted. Sadly, many of the rescue home cats Monika has photographed are expected to remain there for most of their lives.

‘I hope people can see that even with disabilities, they are still cats’, she says.
‘They still purr. Even cats without a leg are still able to jump perfectly. When I
understood this, I’ve wanted to show other people that disabled cat is
completely normal cat.

‘I have tried my best to capture the fact, that regardless to their
disabilities, their behaviour is just like that of any other cats.
Inability is a state of mind. They don’t feel worse so why would we
treat them as such?’

Prepare to go all gooey…

 My name is Rufus. I am a one-year-old. I don’t have a tail but I’m still a cat


 My name is Susan. I am two-years-old. I do not have eyes, but I’m still a cat

 My name is Kiara. I am nine-years-old. I have leukaemia, but I’m still a cat

My name is Keiko. I am 2-years-old. I don’t have a leg, but I’m still a cat

My name is Amish. I have diabetes, but I am still a cat awaiting adoption