5 Baby Rabbit Photos That Are Too Adorable For Words

Suffering from the blues? These pictures are about to make your day so much sweeter.

A fine arts photographer from Bangladesh has decided to document the first 30 days of his pet baby rabbits lives using his camera.

Ashraful Arefin, from Dhaka, started taking the snaps after sharing very popular photographs of his older rabbits on social media.

‘The last time I shared some of their photos on the internet, people from all over the world said they loved them’, he says. ‘That inspired me a lot and I decided to continue my project.

‘This time I got the chance to photograph these little ones. One month ago, my bunny Tooni had four babies. This was such a wonderful and happy moment for me – it was like a celebration of new lives!

‘Watching them growing up every day, opening their eyes for the first time, wiggling their tiny feet – everything was just so special and magical to me.’

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