11 Easy Ways To Preserve The Battery Life On Your Phone

It has recently been revealed that the average person checks their phone a whopping 87 times a day. With the majority of the population well and truly attached to our phones, it is no wonder our batteries hardly last the day.

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A blessing and a curse of the always-connected world we live in, we rely on our phones for a lot of our day-to-day life. Beyond texting and phone calls, there is social media to check, photos and videos to take, maps to follow, the internet to browse – just to name a few – with our batteries barely able to keep up. Things are improving but we are a long way off having phones that last much longer than 24 hours.

Here are the little known tips and tricks you can follow to hang on to those precious bars a little longer.

1) Auto-brightness

Turning down the back-light of your phone is an easy way to save battery. Switch it down to the lowest possible setting and although your phone might be harder to see you will reap the benefits of extended battery life. You can always turn it back up if it is too dark when you need to see it properly.

2) Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a great feature if you are connecting to wireless headphones or speakers but aside from that it is barely used, yet runs in the background. Going to your phone’s settings and turning it off when it’s not needed will give you back those much needed hours.

3) Close your apps

You may not realise it but plenty of your apps run in the background after you have closed them down, searching for updates or information. Most phones will tell you in the battery settings which apps are taking up the most battery, so you can make sure you quit the worst offenders more religiously.

4) Push emails

Most people have their phones settings set to search for new emails every 15 minutes but if you are not relying on important emails to come through then you can change how often it works in the background. Why not try changing it to every hour, or if you are getting low on phone juice then change it temporarily so that it only looks for mail when you open the email app.

5) Push notifications

Push notifications, similar to emails, mean your phone is constantly searching your apps in the background for new updates. Turn these off and you will notice the difference. Apps like Facebook, BBC News and WhatsApp are all ones that can give you a lot of notifications so are good to turn off when you are running low on power.

6) Location services

Apps that use your location will suck your battery life quickly. Helpful for when you are trying to get home but some apps will still track your location even if you aren’t directly using them at the time. Turning it off in your settings will definitely help.

7) Turn off your internet 3G and wifi

Remember your old phones that didn’t need charging for days? This was mainly down to the lack of internet on your phone. Not only does loading pages on apps that require the internet take up valuable battery but your phone is always searching for 3G and 4G signal for you to be able to do it with, as well as looking for wifi hotspots to enable you to load your information even quicker. If you are running low turn the internet off to stop it searching or put it on airplane mode until you need it.

8)Turn off vibrate

Vibrate is great for notifying you about incoming texts or calls, especially when you don’t want an obvious and loud ringtone, however many do not realise that it uses up more battery than having it on sound. You can easily turn off vibrate for added charge.

9) Update your apps and software regularly

Your phone will usually update to new versions of your apps automatically but sometimes you have to push it through manually. It is always worth doing as many app updates will increase the battery efficiency and utilise less power whilse in use. The same can be said for the phone’s operating system, so when it prompts you to download a new update make sure you do it to get the most from your phone.

10) Low-battery mode

Many phones now have a low-battery feature in the settings that you can turn on when you are running low. This little known feature will make sure that none of the apps that usually run in the background do so.

11) Invest in a portable phone charger or power brick.

These can be life savers and they are such an easy thing to carry around with you in your handbag. There are multiple options depending on how much charge you need. You can get anything from ones that give you just a couple of hours of extra
charge to ones that give you multiple charges on multiple
phones. They cost relatively little money so a are well worth the investment. We recommend any from Anker.

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