10 New Travel Gadgets You Shouldn’t Be Without

1. Be sun savvy This Netatmo June smart UV bracelet measures your sun exposure, sending advice to your iPhone on how to stay safe, suggesting the right SPF for current UV levels and when it’s time to move into the shade. £118, uk.spacenk.com

2. Get a good night’s sleep SleepPhones are flat, super-comfortable wireless headphones built in to a fleece headband that you can lie down in without hurting your ears. Play music, listen to soothing rainfall or relax with an audiobook while drifting off to sleep. £69.99, firebox.com

3. Protect your phone This universal FRiEQ Floating Waterproof Phone Case takes any phone up to 5.3 inches – great for when you’re going to the beach or pool. You can still use the touchscreen while your phone’s inside, and if it does take a swim, it’ll float back up to the surface. £10.99, amazon.co.uk

4. All powered up You could pack seperate chargers and plug adapters for all your gadgets. Or you could bring one of these, and charge them all at once. The PortaPow Crystal Universal Charger comes with four clip-on plugs for UK, US, European and Australian sockets, and four USB ports. £13.49, amazon.co.uk

5. A camera with a differenceThis little periscope-shaped HTC RE Camera shoots videos in HD, can do slow-motion and time-lapse as well as take still images, but crucially doesn’t have a screen that’ll distract you from what’s actually happening. It’s also much smaller than most cameras, saving you precious suitcase space. £129, amazon.co.uk

6. Track your luggage Ever stood at the baggage carousel while everyone’s suitcase other than yours has appeared? Then you’ll know the sinking feeling that lost luggage can cause. TrakDot Luggage Tracker sits in your suitcase and lets you know where it is. £79.99, trakdotluggage.co.uk

7. Get the best selfies Selfie sticks have a bad reputation, but they’re ideal for holidays – in particular, for shots that need distance. This Cygnett GoStick Selfie Snap has a detachable tripod, removable Bluetooth shutter button and universal cradle that works with any smartphone. £34.99, amazon.co.uk

8. Charge gadgets on the go On holiday, you tend to rely on your phone for translating words and mapping your way around, so it’s vital to have a battery backup. This sleek iWALK Extreme TRIO10000 Backup Battery with LCD Display can charge three gadgets at once. £64.99, iwalkuk.com

9. Moveable music This beautifulBraven Lux portable wirless speaker enables you to take high-qualitymusic everywhere you go. It connects wirelessly to your phone using Bluetooth and has a 12-hour battery life. £89.99, braven.eu

10. Make pictures even prettier This Kickstarter-funded wireless photo frame, Instacube, connects to your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and displays a constant feed of all your and your friends’ photos. Perfect for reliving those holiday moments. £149.99, firebox.com