Beyond Chic Fashion Designers’ Interiors

Renowned photographer Ivan Terestchenko has opened up the closed world of fashion designers around the globe and in Beyond Chic given us a glimpse inside their homes...

There are traits of voyeurism in us all so when photographer Ivan Terestchenko travelled the globe from Venice to Egypt to capture the homes of the most stylish fashion designers around the world, it was bound to appeal to our inquisitive sides.

Although we are so familiar with the signature styles and iconic looks of our most loved fashion designers, when it comes to their style at home, what kind of world have they created behind closed doors?

This private visit into the inspiring homes of stylists, muses, fashion faces and more reveals the standout decor, unique works of art and personal collections of some of the fashion world’s most fascinating icons.

From Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent, Azzedina Alaia to Christian Louboutin, Beyond Chic invites us to feast our eyes on the tastemakers of the past and future – and some homes are not as you might expect.

Chanel’s Parisian apartment on rue Cambon appears mythical whilst Giorgio Armani’s chalet is less than conventional in moody dark hues with textured sheepskins – and even a stuffed polar bear to greet him!

Step inside a select group of designers’ homes now…

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