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With themes of sibling rivalry, unity and love, this memoir makes for captivating reading, especially when concentrating on the British upper class.

Just when you thought everything had already been written about the extraordinary aristocratic Mitfords, the Dowager Deborah Duchess of Devonshire, chatelaine of Chatsworth, penned this memoir with lots of insightful secrets (like she keeps an Elvis picture in her loo!).

A remarkable woman and tower of strength, she has survived so many sisterly dramas – when society beauty Diana was interned as a fascist, but most notably when sister Unity was accused of hobnobbing with Hitler.

She made Chatsworth the great British country house it is, pioneered organic farming and the introduction of the farm shop but most of all she is perhaps the greatest living legend of British aristocracy and her memoirs make fascinating reading.

Angela Kennedy, Style Director

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