62% of Brits in relationships aren’t seeking advice: how can this new app help?

It’s good to talk about relationships

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Brits might be known for their stiff upper lips, but somehow we never seem to think about how much this can affect relationships. We might be more than happy talking about celebrity couples, but when it comes to our relationships, recent research by new App Paired (opens in new tab) shows just how many Brits aren’t seeking advice. 

The research discovered that over 62% UK adults who are currently in a relationship admit they don’t speak to anyone for relationship advice. This includes Google! And whilst the overall figure seems high enough, for men the lack of openness is even worse. A staggering 70% of men won’t seek guidance. 

Would we seek professional advice?

Commissioned by new app Paired to discover how couples in the UK communicate and where they turn when relationship issues arise, this survey explored everything from what issues are hardest to talk about to whether they would see a professional for advice.

The research revealed that Brits in a relationship will often turn to professional help for health or mental health issues. However a tiny 1% would seek relationship therapy or counselling for problems within their relationship.

Money vs. Love

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Only 5% would seek professional help for problems with their sex life (opens in new tab).

It also showed that this figure remained similar regardless of earnings or social class. So it seems that money is not the main obstacle holding Brits back from seeking professional help.

What problems are hardest to talk about?

  • Sex - 20% of Brits in a relationship find that sex (opens in new tab) is the hardest topic to discuss with their partner.
  • Money - 11% find financial matters most difficult to talk about.
  • Mental Health - 9% find this most difficult.
  • Family and In-Laws - 7% found family issues the hardest to bring up. 

The study also found that it’s 18-24-year-olds struggling to talk about their personal beliefs. 13% found discussing topics such as religion and politics with their partners was just as difficult as talking about sex. 

They were the only age group to attach such importance to beliefs.  

How can the Paired App help couples?

This recent survey was commissioned by Paired, a new app for couples. It aims to open-up communication between partners and help to improve communication and deepen intimacy within relationships.

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Paired key features

  • In just 10 minutes a day, the Paired app's mission is to make relationships healthier and happier.
  • Audio course - leading clinical psychotherapists and academics have designed and narrated courses on subjects including Sex & Intimacy, Managing Conflict and Parenting as Partners to help give couples insight at home.
  • Daily Questions - couples can answer questions designed to strengthen their relationships and encourage dialogue. 
  • Expert tips and conversation starters - these can also help encourage couples to open up to each other. 

Why choose a relationship app?

Apps have become an ever more essential part of our lives, especially in recent months. Whilst 1% of couples in the UK said they would seek help from professionals for relationship problems, 30% said they would consider using an app.

Professor Jacqui Gabb, Professor of Sociology and Intimacy at the Open University and Chief  Relationship Officer at Paired says that: "Communication is absolutely key when it comes to successful relationships."

After studying long-term relationships for years, she reveals that: “Couples’ relationships are just like any other relationship” and that “you have to put the time, energy and effort into them otherwise they simply won’t survive.”

This is where Jacqui believes Paired can make a real difference.

“Paired offers up a wonderful, easy way to do this without even having to leave your sofa.”

Paired is available to download now on the APP store and Google Play.

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