The final time to cut your lawn before winter is approaching fast, according to lawn experts

Unprecedented temperatures are making it hard to gauge when to stop mowing, but our lawn experts have all the answers

autumn garden with leaves on the lawn to support expert advice to answer when should you stop cutting grass in autumn
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If the surprisingly warm weather has left you questioning when you should stop cutting the grass this autumn you're not alone, because it's hard to gauge when to hang up your gardening gloves when temperatures are unseasonably high. 

Best practices are all but out the window this autumn because we've seen unprecedented temperatures for the time of year. So what does it mean for our lawns? Should we still be cutting the grass?

Similar to contemplating when to first cut the grass after winter or cutting the grass during a heatwave, it's all about temperatures rather than timing when it comes to avoiding lawn care mistakes

Given these factors, experts say this is when to stop cutting the grass this season, ahead of winter.

When should you stop cutting grass this autumn? 

As we near the middle of October, it is time for homeowners to start thinking about their final mow of the season. But when should that be?

"Depending on where you live in the UK, will very much determine the day of your last mow," says Chris McIlroy, a lawn care expert at The Grass People. "In northern parts of the UK, where frost and cooler temperatures come around much sooner, you might already have completed your final mow. In southern parts of the UK, this might not be until much later."

"During winter, grass will still grow (albeit a little bit slowly) above temperatures of 5 degrees, so unlike the summer months, the need to mow it each week changes." 

"So, our advice is to always consult a 14-day weather forecast before your last mow, and choose a day before the temperatures drop (below 5 degrees) so that you don’t miss your chance. If you find that since your last cut at the end of October, your grass is still quite high, consider one final cut in November."

Always be mindful that experts say you shouldn't cut wet grass, so that might also dictate when you can give the grass its final cut.

Chris McIlroy

Chris is the technical product lead and inhouse lawn seed expert for The Grass People, a grass seed company that champion their expert lead advice and high-quality seed. His advice is focused on sowing, mowing, and maintaining a perfect lawn, and how to overcome any lawn issues homeowners face.

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In addition to sharing his advice on when to stop cutting grass, our experts also have the following words of wisdom to ensure the last cut of the season is executed properly to offer optimum protection when the temperatures do start to drop...

  • Remove fallen leaves before you mow: "Get leaves off the grass as soon as they come down because disease is likely to set in if leaves are left on the lawn," warns Matt Adams, lawn feed expert and founder of The Relentless Gardener. "Leaves cover the light, kill the grass and help moss thrive." 
  • Adjust the blades on your mower to make the last cut a longer one: "For your final mow, we recommend adjusting the height of your mower to higher than you would usually mow at other times throughout the year," suggests Chris. "The aim of autumn mowing is to top the grass (not to scalp it). Never cut grass too short in the winter, because this is when it is most vulnerable to frost and disease. "I usually recommend keeping it at about 40mm long.," adds Matt. "That way it will better out-compete moss and withstand rain or waterlogging much better."
  • Get rid of weeds after mowing: "Kill off weeds in October or remove them by hand before Winter sets in so that the grass is not competing for nutrients during these months," says Matt

Another important task to tackle this month is sowing grass seed, as experts say now is the best time to pave the way for a thriving lawn come Spring 2024.


Should you cut grass longer in winter?

You should leave the grass longer in the winter months to provide more protection for the roots and harsh climate conditions that lay ahead. Cutting grass too short during the winter months makes it more vulnerable to frost, disease, and further damage it will struggle to recover from. But fear not, it won't grow as fast as it does during the summer months and therefore will not be overgrown too quickly – so your lawn will still look immaculate all season.

Is it ok to cut grass in November?

In short, yes. If the temperatures remain above 5 degrees in November it is ok to cut the grass. Still follow the guidelines to leave the grass longer each time, just in case temperatures change and it ends up being the last mow of the year. Because, if temperatures drop below that before November it is not ideal to still cut the grass because you could jeopardise the welfare of the grass blades and their roots due to the cold setting in.

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