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Evoke your senses with a rich colour palette of velvety paints from Dulux Heritage

Christian Bense home
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Drawn to the sumptuous shades and finishes within the Dulux Heritage range, interior designer Christian Bense is one of three tastemakers to curate a luxurious colour palette as part of the Evoke Your Senses series. 

For Christian, his colour scheme of Olive Green, Masters Gold, Red Ochre and Green Marl comes from a desire to create a layered, textured look. 

“My inspiration is drawn from the texture in fabrics. Coming from South Africa, there’s a lot of heritage in fabric, pattern and print,” reveals Christian. It’s an indulgent colour combination that demands to be touched.

“In this room, I’ve used Olive Tree on the wall and contrasted that with Masters Gold on the window frames. I think that contrast is the first step to curating luxury,” says Christian. “In order to create further layering, I’ve introduced those same tones in fabrics and finishes, but it all starts with paint.”

Christian seeks inspiration in his designs through touch and sight, selecting an earthy mix of tactile colours that anyone can work with.

To find a colour palette that will elevate any room, look to Dulux Heritage’s range of 112 beautiful colours. You’re sure to find shades to create a space that inspires you. “A space that’s a true reflection of who you are,” says Christian.

Christian Bense

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“So often we think of paint as just a colour. We underestimate the texture and the luxuriousness that paint itself can bring to a room,” observes Christian. “Whether it’s a smooth perfect finish or it's textured, I think it's quite important to consider what feel the paint actually brings into a space.”

Dulux Heritage has been formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to produce a velvety soft finish that’s strokably smooth, perfect for bringing a touch of luxury into your space. 

The exquisite range of colours are also technically superior, delivering on both style and substance. They’re durable and easy-to-apply with great coverage, making them a popular choice for professionals and DIYers alike. 

Made with the modern home in mind, the velvet matt and eggshell formulations are robust enough to withstand busy, family life, with a wipeable finish.

“We underestimate the luxuriousness that paint itself can bring to a room”

Christian Bense

Christian Bense

(Image credit: Future)

With over 90 years of expertise, the colourists at Dulux Heritage have brought together an evocative collection of colours, from timeless classics to contemporary shades. 

To help you find your favourites, each colour has been arranged into cool and fresh pale tones, warm, cocooning mid-colours, and decadently deep hues. There really is something to suit every style and space.

For a layered look, pulling on a palette of colours, Christian suggests starting with a darker tone for the walls and introducing lighter shades on woodwork and furniture. “The easiest way of creating a layered and textural space is to contrast warmer and lighter shades,” advises Christian. “Try to find a darker all over colour and then layer in light. It creates a room with depth as a starting point.” 


Order a free colour card on the Dulux Heritage website and allow your senses to guide you towards your ideal colour palette. With the help of Dulux experts, you can transform your home into a space that feels as luxurious as it looks. 

Christian Bense colour choices

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You can read more about the Dulux Heritage Evoke Your Senses series in upcoming issues of woman&home, as other tastemakers reveal the unique colour palettes they’ve chosen. 

Velvet matt, eggshell and undercoat paint is available from, Homebase and independent stores, in 1ltr, 2.5ltr and 5ltr tins. You can also order small tester pots, so you can try out your chosen paint colours at home to get a feel for the look. 

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