Eve Microfibre pillow review

Has rethinking long-accepted design norms made this one of the best pillows going?

Eve Microfibre Pillow
(Image credit: Eve)
Woman & Home Verdict

At first glance this might feel all style and no substance, but this pillow’s unusual shape is key to its success

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very soft outer cover

  • +

    Suitable for tumble drying

  • +

    Stayed cool all night

  • +

    Good for those prone to allergies

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Unusual tapered shape

  • -

    Not for those needing extra-firm support

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Not everyone wants to sleep on a firm pillow. Side sleepers, for instance, definitely benefit from something a little more giving, although they still need a level of support to cradle the head and promote spinal alignment. The best pillows for this sleep style will perform both those tasks, ensuring you wake feeling rested and ache-free in the morning. When it comes to providing a cushioning feel as well as a level of support, microfibre fillings – such as the one from Eve – are a good option. Plus, these particular pillow’s wedge-like tapered shape allows you to choose between two loft and comfort levels.

The Microfibre pillow is only available from the company’s own website and is currently priced at £39. While it was – albeit briefly – priced lower, this design remains the best value of the three pillow options Eve offers.

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First impressions

The first thing that you notice about this pillow, from bed-in-a-box mattress specialists Eve, is its rather unusual shape. It’s boxy at the top and tapers gently down to the bottom, giving a slightly triangular profile. The 100% cotton casing is soft to the touch. 

What is it like to sleep on?

Soft but supportive, this pillow combines a slightly firmer hollowfibre centre with a surrounding microfibre outer chamber, which helps give the pillow its fluffy, cloud-like feel. Mesh panels around the sides provide extra breathability for a cool night. The wedge shape does take a couple of nights to get used to; it feels slightly strange at first but, once our testers had experimented with sleeping on both edges, it was pretty easy to discover which end’s height suited each sleeper best. When you first lie down on it, you notice that it’s both fabulously soft and cradles the head comfortably. It’s certainly not too soft though, as the firm hollowfibre centre of the pillow helps to provide enough support to keep the spine straight.

Will it suit my sleep position?

Because of its unique shape this pillow is quite versatile. You can choose to sleep with either the thinner or thicker edge of the wedge supporting the neck, whichever way you tend to lie. Our testers found the boxier edge was better for the side sleeper, while the thinner edge helped to keep the spine of the back sleeper well aligned. This resulted in a marked lack of morning aches and pains in the neck and shoulder area for both of them. It wasn’t, however, a great choice for our restless sleeper; when on their front the boxy end was too high, while the tapered end was too low. Because of this, we’d also not recommend it for someone who regularly sleeps on their stomach. 

What’s it made from?

The cover is 100% high-thread-count cotton with additional polyester mesh side panels and the outer chamber is microfibre, while the inner is hollowfibre.

How easy is it to care for?

The makers recommend that you shake and plump your pillow every morning to keep it in shape, which is easily done while making the bed. You can wash the pillow in the machine at 40 degrees and, after tumble drying on a high heat, all it needs is a quick fluff.

Any special features?

The heart of this pillow’s USP is its unconventional shape, which allows it to be suitable for a number of sleep positions. It is also Oeko-Tex Standard Class II certified – a testing system that checks for harmful substances in textile products – meaning it is hypoallergenic and, therefore, a good choice for those with any allergies. 

Any free trials or guarantees?

The pillow has a 14-night trial period, which while not as long as some others is probably long enough to discover whether it’s the right choice for you or not. At £39 per pillow, that’s a key thing to find out early on. There’s also a three-year warranty.

Summing up… the Eve Microfibre Pillow

Of the three pillow designs offered by bed-in-a-box specialist Eve, the microfibre is the best value. Its filling is not the only way to assess the differentiation between products, though; this pillow is all about its shape. While it is comfortable, particularly for side sleepers, becoming accustomed to the shape did take a few nights. However, the 14-day trial is plenty of time to discover if this one’s for you. A few days in and our testers, particularly the side sleeper, didn’t register a difference between this pillow and others they had tested. For those that prefer a firm base for their head at night, we’d suggest this isn’t the best choice. If you’re after something cloud-like but also supportive enough to prevent neck pain, then this is certainly worth a try.


Size: 46 x 67cm
Filling: Hollowfibre central chamber, microfibre outer chamber
Sleep position: Side and back
Comfort: Soft
Trial period: 14 nights
Guarantee: 3-year warranty 
RRP: Microfibre Pillow, £39, Eve

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