Bosch MultiTalent 3 vs Tefal Double Force Pro – which should you buy?

It's the Bosch MultiTalent 3 vs Tefal Double Force Pro - as the two go head-to-head in our comparison...

Bosch vs Tefal
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There’s no denying it, food processors are a godsend in the kitchen. Who wouldn’t want a gadget that can slice, grate, mix, crush and more at the touch of a button? The best food processors out there aren’t only great multi-taskers and time-savers though, they’re also perfect for covering up less-than-professional knife skills and getting really even, consistent results.

If, like us, you couldn’t be without your food processor and need to replace an old one, or are buying one for the first time, we’re here to navigate through the many options – good and bad – to help you choose the right model. 

We know that price is a major driving factor behind what we buy, but also there’s truth in the old adage that you get what you pay for. That is why we compared two mid-range models – the MultiTalent 3 MCM3501MGB from Bosch (£89.99, John Lewis) and the DO821840 Double Force Pro by Tefal (£149.99, Argos) – to see which is best. If, however, you’ve got your eye on the high-end stuff, check out our KitchenAid vs Kenwood MultiPro comparison.

What are the similarities and differences between these food processors?

As well as the array of different blades that perform different cutting functions, one major plus for both of these processors compared to other mid-range models is that they come with an additional blender jug for making smoothies, purées, milkshakes and lump-free soups, so there’s no need to buy a separate blender. A huge bonus that leaves more money in your pocket as well as space in your kitchen cupboards.

Both processors also have a dough attachment for kneading – yet another time-consuming kitchen task that can be taken care of by this versatile machine. As well as mixing, chopping, shredding and grating (functions that all food processors, no matter how basic, can do), both the Bosch and Tefal models can crush ice, grind spices, hard cheeses and coffee beans, and have dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning. They also match each other with a pulse function apiece. But when it comes to speed settings, they start to show their differences; while the Bosch has the standard two speed options, the Tefal model offers six. 

Unlike the Tefal design, Bosch’s MultiTalent 3 includes a mini chopper for preparing smaller quantities of food, such as chopped herbs and diced vegetables. Having said that, the Tefal model has a citrus juicer attachment and the Bosch processor does not. 

What are the pros and cons of each?

Considering that the Tefal food processor is more expensive – by around £60 – you’d expect it to be bigger and better than the MultiTalent 3, and it is. The Double Force Pro is more powerful at 1000W (compared to the 700W of the Bosch), and the capacities of the main bowl and blender jug are considerably bigger at 3 litres and 2 litres versus 2.3 litres and 1 litre respectively.

We’re big fans of the handy guide on the front of the Tefal model that tells you how long and at what speed to process different types of food, though it only boasts 28 functions compared to the Bosch’s mightily impressive 50. We also think the design of the Bosch machine is much sleeker and easier on the eye than the Tefal, and we love the fact it has an additional mini chopper – a great extra considering its lower price tag. 

In terms of dimensions there’s not an awful lot between them; the Double Force Pro is 3cm taller, but is narrower and not quite as deep as the MultiTalent 3.

So, which should I buy?

Based on the capacity of the bowl and blender jug, the higher power and the useful guide on the power-control panel, the Tefal Double Force Pro just, just edges it, but it’s a really close call. If the capacity doesn’t make a huge difference to you, because you don’t have a large family or don’t cook in big quantities, we’d lean towards the Bosch MultiTalent 3 – it looks better, has more functions and yes, we know we’ve gone on about it quite a lot, but the addition of a mini chopper has impressed us. 

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