This new menopause health service encourages men to educate themselves on the widely misunderstood issue

Menopause Experts hopes to empower men to support women through the transition with comprehensive training

Menopause Experts hopes to empower men to support women through the challenge transition with comprehensive training /Tara Moore
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A new menopause educational service has launched to help both women and men navigate the challenging transition phase without breaking the bank. 

Menopause Experts seeks to increase the public's understanding of the hormonal shift by offering free educational resources, including training courses and tip-filled magazines. 

Founded by UK psychotherapist Dee Murray, the service hopes to "shine a light" on a subject that has been hidden from the view of society for far too long. From recipes that can combat menopause weight gain to advice on vaginal dryness treatments, the health and wellbeing website is brimming with an encyclopedia of medically-approved information on the widely misunderstood issue. 

Unlike many of the services currently available, Menopause Experts is also proudly targeted at men.  “Though half of the population will never have to deal with menopause themselves, nearly every man will know someone who is going through it, or has gone through it, though they may not yet recognize it as menopause symptoms," says Dee. 

Menopause Experts

Dee Murray, CEO of Menopause Experts 

(Image credit: Menopause Experts )

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By providing customized training for men, Menopause Experts aims to equip all of society with the tools to support women who may be experiencing the transition. Armed with an enhanced knowledge of the menopause, men may be able to empathize more with their female partners, friends, and coworkers and thereby approach the subject in an appropriate manner. 

As well as providing guidance on how to support women emotionally, Menopause Experts includes in-depth information on the physical aspects of menopause. It breaks down the biological forces that cause its long list of symptoms—like hot flushes and night sweats—before moving on to explore the potential treatments available. Whether you're curious about HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) or considering some menopause supplements, the service is brimming with answers to all your burning questions. 

Menopause Experts also places a strong emphasis on mental health, which can often be negatively affected by the biological upheaval. As well as feeling down about the physical changes of their body, some women struggle with anxiety and depression due to their hormonal fluctuations. The service hopes to raise awareness of the psychological effects of menopause, as well as offering tips on how to alleviate them. 

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