The Fast Diet

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  • The Fast Diet makes it easier than ever to lose weight. Here's how to start intermittent fasting...

    Forget weighing out your food or sticking to the same few foods mealtime after mealtime because there’s a new way to lose weight – intermittent fasting. And The Fast Diet is the latest and easiest way to do it.

    Unlike other diet plans, intermittent fasting means you’re not on a diet all of the time. Nor do you have to starve when you are. On fasting days, you simply cut your calories. Then, you’re pretty much free to eat what you like on your days off. Simple!

    Fasting isn’t a new concept. Intermittent fasting to lose weight – and improve your health – is though. The Alternate Day Fasting Diet was one of the first plans that centred on this new approach to weight loss. The Fast Diet, or 5:2 Diet, is slightly different.

    Instead of fasting every other day, authors Dr Michael Mosley and food journalist, Mimi Spencer advocate cutting your calories (500kcal for women and 600kcal for men) just two days a week then eating well for the other five. The days can be consecutive or you can spread them out in the week – whatever’s easiest for you. They say it’s just as effective but much easier to stick to. On fasting days, you can also spread your calories out however you wish – whether it’s one or two large meals or smaller snacks throughout the day. Dr Michael says he prefers to have just two meals a day (breakfast and dinner) while Mimi prefers several small meals.

    The Fast Diet makes intermittent fasting easier than ever. Click through to find out why – and get started – now…

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