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What is the 8-week Blood Sugar Diet? The Blood Sugar Diet, written by BBC presenter, author and creator of the 5:2 diet Dr. Michael Mosley, is a plan promising to improve and reverse high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes.

Should I do it? Have you already been diagnosed with high blood sugar or type 2 diabetes? Then this is the diet for you. If you're unsure of your risk, complete the NHS Type 2 diabetes self assessment test.

What does it entail? The Blood Sugar Diet has 3 plans to suit your goals

1) It's widely reported that a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet can prevent or improve high blood sugar levels. Those who not need to lose much weight but would like to control their blood sugar levels should opt for this gentler plan, which includes plenty of vegetables, wholegrains and high-quality proteins.

2) The BSD Fast 800: this is essentially a crash diet where you eat 800 calories a day. Dr. Mosely says that this is quickest way to reduce the fat clogging up your liver and pancreas, but is only to be undertaken up to 8 weeks.

3) The 5:2 BSD: Incorporating the structure of the 5:2 diet, this plan is more flexible and sustainable around your daily life. For five days of the week, you eat foods on the low-carb Mediterranean plan, and for the remaining two days, restrict your calories to 800 a day.

Dr. Mosley also highlights the importance of staying active. Start by aiming to stand up and walk around every 30 minutes to prevent sugar and fat clogging the arteries.

What can I eat? On the low-carb Mediterranean diet, be sure to eat plenty of vegetables, high-quality proteins, olive oil, nuts, seeds, full-fat yoghurt, eggs and even the occasional glass of red wine or square of dark chocolate.

What can't I eat? Avoid refined, starchy carbohydrates (bread, cereal, pasta, rice, potatoes) and too many sweet tropical fruits like pineapple and banana that raise blood sugar levels rapidly. Also avoid alcohol except the occasional glass of wine to give your liver a chance to heal.

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