Rachel Khoo Recipes

Rachel Khoo is back with a new book, My Little French Kitchen. Here, she shares some of her favourite recipes with w&h...

13 June 2014

Despite not knowing a word of French, Rachel Khoo decided to pack up her pots and pans and move to Paris six years ago. There she enrolled at the world famous cookery school, Le Cordon Bleu.

Rachel spent her days dreaming up recipes in her tiny little Parisian apartment, testing them on an even tinier hob and then inviting the public in (two at a time) to decide what will make the menu at her next event. Until the BBC arrived at her door.

Now a household name thanks to her TV series, The Little Paris Kitchen, and accompanying book of delicious, accessible recipes, Rachel has embarked on a new adventure – discovering the culinary secrets of the four corners of France. From the snow-topped mountains and Christmas markets of Alsace to the dreamy vistas of Provence and beyond.

Here she shares some of her favourite recipes from her cookbook, My Little French Kitchen (£20, Michael Joseph) with w&h…

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