Peach, Raspberry and Amaretto Crumble Cake

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Amaretto cake supper party food

Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 1 hour 10 minutes Serves 12 Prepare ahead

BUY 400g tin peaches in juice, drained and puréed 5tbsp Amaretto 100g (4oz) blanched whole almonds, quite finely chopped 3 peaches, halved, stoned, halves cut into 4 large handful fresh raspberries CHECK YOU'VE GOT 185g (6½oz) unsalted butter, softened 185g (6½oz) golden caster sugar 3 large, free-range eggs 185g (6½oz) self-raising flour 1tsp baking powder FOR THE CRUMBLE 100g (4oz) plain flour 75g (3oz) golden caster sugar 75g (3oz) blanched whole almonds, roughly chopped 75g (3oz) butter, melted YOU WILL NEED 25cm (10in) springform cake tin, bottom lined and lightly oiled

1 First, make the crumble. Place the flour, sugar and almonds in a bowl and pour over the melted butter. Stir with a spoon; as it firms up it should form crumbly lumps. Set aside.

2 Heat the oven to 170 C, 150 C fan, 325 F, gas 3. Cream the butter and sugar with an electric whisk until light and fluffy. Mix the puréed peaches with the eggs and Amaretto and lightly beat with a fork. Add this into the butter and sugar a little at a time, beating well after each addition. Don't worry if it curdles, as the flour will bring it together.

3 Fold in the flour, almonds and baking powder with a generous pinch of salt until you have a smooth batter. Pour into the cake tin. Sprinkle over a third of the crumble, scatter over the fresh peaches and raspberries, then top with the rest of the crumble.

4 Bake in the centre of the oven for 1 hour 10 minutes, covering the top of the tin with tin foil after 30 to 40 minutes, or when the crumble is golden and crisp. The cake is cooked when a skewer inserted into the centre comes out with only a few crumbs.

5 When cooked, remove the cake from the oven, run a knife around the sides and leave in the cake tin for 10 minutes, before removing the sides and sliding off the base to transfer to a cooling rack. The cake will keep in an airtight container for 3 to 5 days.

Per serving 481 calories, 28g fat (12.5g saturated), 49g carbohydrate

Try this Serve the cake with Amaretto cream. Whisk 200ml (7fl oz) double cream, 2tbsp Amaretto and 2tbsp icing sugar until the cream forms soft peaks.