Nutri Blitzer Review: Does It Work?

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Nutri Blitzer Smoothie 3

Do you consider yourself quite health-conscious and yet sometimes struggle to get your recommended 5-a-day? That's why I'm drawn to smoothies, as it seems an easy way to eat more fruit and veg - and many are now quick and easy to use as well as easier to clean.

The JML Nutri Blitzer, £79.99, is one of the latest juicer/blender/blitzer, or whatever you want to call it - technically, it's an extractor as, like the Nutribullet, everything is whizzed together, including peel, pips as well as the flesh. It came out earlier than expected last month, rushed out after a successful launch day with Olympic rower James Cracknell.

There are so many kitchen gadgets that promise so much in the way of getting the best out of your fruit and veg - and yet there can be huge disparity in price a lot of the time, which can make shopping for a juicer or blender really tough.

So as part of our In The Test Kitchen blog, we decided to put the JML Nutri Blitzer to the test. It promises to "unlock" the vitamins and nutrients in fruit and veg that an ordinary blender or juicer would leave behind, as it is said to pulverise seeds, nuts, stems, rinds, peels and is so powerful it will even go through ice. We decided to put it through its paces.

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We tried two recipes to really push the Nutri Blitzer and see how powerful it really is. The first was a green juice with half an avocado, a handful of almonds, pineapple, kale and a squeeze of lime topped with coconut water.

We blitzed it for a couple of minutes and lo and behold, it was delicious! You wouldn't have known there were almonds in it - that's how thoroughly they were blended with the rest of the ingredients and it had a perfectly smooth consistency.

Next up, we decided to put it though a second test with ingredients we thought might be a little harder to make into a smoothie. We used a small beetroot, a carrot, a lemon with the rind left on and the juice of an orange, again topped up with coconut water.

Again, in a couple of minutes, it really did blitz through everything. The only problem, however, was that the smoothie was very fibrous. The fibrous parts of the carrot and beetroot that a juicer would discard are all combined in the drink, which makes it very thick to drink - though this is also one of the plus-points, as you get all the nutrients too.

The Nutri Blitzer went through ice just as easily as it did nuts and tough fruit and veg. It's not the cheapest, but it is cheaper than other similar gadgets - plus, it's very compact and easy to clean, which makes it a dream for anyone with a hectic schedule. Better still, once you've stuck the ingredients in a cup (you have a choice of two sizes - a tall cup and two short cups), you simply blitz, the flip over, twist off the top (which also contains the blades) and drink! You can even screw on a lid, which makes it great for when you're on the go.

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