Healthy Cake Recipes

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  • Healthy cake recipes feature unusual ingredient combinations like mashed potato, spelt flour, polenta and sweet potatoes which make these delicious recipes healthier than your usual choices

    Healthy cake recipes are made up of wonderful alternatives you may never have thought to try before. Mashed potato, spelt flour, yoghurt, buttermilk, vegetables and plenty more are used as substitutes or additions to your cakes put a really interesting twist on classic recipes. This way you save on calories and up the nutritional content of your cakes, tarts and desserts just by swapping naughty ingredients (white flour, butter) for something a little healthier and allergy-friendly too.

    This gluten free and sugar free carrot and coconut cake from Eric Lanlard uses stevia, instead of sugar and rice flour, instead or regular wheat flour. This is a healthy cake packed full of healthy nuts with various vitamins and healthy oils and grated carrot for added nutrients. Make a low-fat, low-calorie version of the classic carrot cake – plus it’s ideal for anyone who is coeliac too.

    Many healthy cakes use alternatives to regular flour, and some of our recipes feature vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips and courgettes, which you may never have used in your baking before. These ingredients either add density to your baking so they replace flour, or at least minimise it, or they add moisture. Courgettes in particular contain a lot of water so the results are a really moist cake.
    Replacing regular flour with spelt flour, chestnut flour, buckwheat flour, wholegrain spelt flour and brown rice flour are all great ways for making your cake healthier too. Different flours have different health benefits, but they’re also great alternatives, especially if you suffer from coeliac disease. Healthy cakes are just as easy to make as a regular cake and they can be enjoyed by everyone.
    Healthy cakes that are made with yogurt, buttermilk and cottage cheese are great alternatives to butter as they contain natural fats so you can use less added fat. This will certainly make your cake healthier with less calories. 

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