Have Your Say: Who Is Your Favourite Celeb Chef For Christmas Recipes? Recipe

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christmas calories
christmas calories
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When it comes to Christmas, we want to know - which celebrity chef most represents all the joys of the festivities to you?

We know that's a tough question, with so many fabulous foodies about, but if you could only choose one person's recipes to follow this Christmas who would it be? Click on the name below who you feel fits the bill best to let us know!

Not sure off the top of your head? Here's our shortlist for you to mull over...

Mary Berry

Mary Berry, of course, knows her stuff when it comes to classic cooking and we think she does all the traditional mainstay, trimmings and puddings so well that she's got to be up there. And there's another thing we love about Mary Berry (aside from her fabulous wardrobe on GBBO!): she's not afraid to use butter and fat to make her recipes really delicious.

Jamie Oliver

If Mary Berry's not top of your list when it comes to Christmas, then is somebody like Jamie Oliver more up your street? Jamie's fun and modern recipes have seen him go from The Naked Chef with all his boyish charm to a global phenomenon, loved by all kind of people across the world. And because Jamie is now a dad to five (yes, five!) children he does big, sharing dishes really, really well.

James Martin

Jamie Oliver too mainstream for you? James Martin could be your man then. James knows a thing or two about packing flavour in, and always surprises us with unusual combinations that just work somehow. His fuss free approach is certainly a god send for those of us who are time poor, which just about includes everyone come December, we think.

Nigella Lawson

Next up it's the lovely Nigella. With her rich and inviting comfort food approach Nigella makes Christmas food that tastes as good as it looks. Her somewhat naughty ingredients and delicious extras really make her recipes seem extra special and she's not shy about a good splash of booze or a good glug of cream. But do you think she's the queen of Christmas?

Tom Kerrdige

For the modern cook Tom Kerridge might be a winner. This celeb chef is a front runner for championing seasonal British produce and always leaves us wanting to cook a little more sustainably, as well as routinely introducing us to new ingredients - a real foodie dream. Around the festive period we think Tom would be cooking up all sorts of tasty, local ingredients to produce a feast to be proud of.

Paul Hollywood

Last (but certainly not least!) we've got the King of baking himself, Paul Hollywood. Despite Paul being famed mainly for his breads, pies and pastries he's actually a man who knows a thing or two about delicious dinners, too. His recipes are often influenced by France and include plenty of classic recipes with a little Paul twist - perfect for a little something special come Christmas day.

So, if you've made up your mind, click on the poll below and let us know: Which of our lovely celeb chefs represents Christmas most to you?

If you can't see your favourite chef on the list then leave us a comment in the box below telling us who you'd vote for!