Christmas Cake Recipes

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  • Christmas cake recipes to make ahead of Christmas, including a simple traditional fruit cake recipe, Christmas cake recipe with a twist and ideas for how to decorate a Christmas cake

    Choosing a traditional Christmas cake recipe rich with seasonal flavours is an important business and it pays to start early to really let the ingredients infuse.

    By making your Christmas cake early – up to three months before the big day – it allows you to keep returning to ‘feed’ your cake with whisky, brandy or another popular liqueur. Allowing your Christmas cake to mature means the day you serve your cake to friends, you’ll receive even more compliments.

    Feeding your Christmas cake doesn’t require as much time as you’d think. Just set a reminder every week to pour over a tablespoon of brandy of whisky over the cake and leave to soak up the flavours. Everyone has different preferences, so you can choose your favourite liqueur and use that if you’re not a big fan of either brandy or whisky.

    If you’re feeling a bit experimental and want to branch away from the classic recipe you use every year, our chocolate Christmas cake recipe (pictured) is just what you’re looking for. The taste of chocolate perfectly compliments the port and fruit in the cake without being too overbearing and you still have the other flavours coming through. This is a great recipe for chocoholics and the earlier you make it, the longer the delicious flavours will have to infuse and come through.

    Here you’ll find plenty of easy, traditional Christmas cake recipes that are packed with delicious dried fruit. It’s the cake decorating that you can labour over, deciding exactly what theme your cake will take! If you prefer, you can leave off the icing too, but we think there’s something very impressive about a beautifully iced Christmas cake – guests will be impressed by not only how beautiful it is, but how delicious too!

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