Alcoholic Ice Cream Is Now A Thing

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cheers alcoholic ciecream

This is not a drill... You can now get ice cream that actually tastes like your favourite alcoholic beverage. The ice cream is set to launch in Selfridges this week but it is also available at other selected retailers.

Cheers Luxury Alcoholic Ice Cream turn our favourite cocktails into dreamy pots of ice cream. There are free samples available in Selfridges, London all this week and next. So if you're in the city why not pop in for a free taste? If you want to purchase some they'll set you back £4.99 for a tub but we can imagine its worth it and it is cheaper than most cocktails...

There are four flavours and to be honest, it is hard to decide which one we would choose first.

The Mojito

Just like our favourite sharp and citrusy cocktail this ice cream is sure to provide the perfect after-dinner treat. It is 4.59 per cent and its refreshing taste makes it the perfect palate cleanser.

Strawberry Daiquiri

A sweet ice cream that will turn your childhood memories of strawberry ice cream on its head; its kick of premium high rum makes it 3.75 per cent and the fresh strawberry juice ensures it is crisp and light to taste. Not your average playground treat!

Chocolate Espresso Martini

Looking for a more sophisticated ice cream to watch with your Saturday night TV? Wake up! This indulgent chocolate and espresso martini ice cream, at 3.52 per cent is the answer you've been looking for.

Toffee + Vodka

If you are searching for something a little more hardcore, this toffee and vodka ice cream is the strongest alcoholic ice cream on the market. At 6.51per cent the Thunder Toffee Vodka makes a real impact in this sweet treat. Apparently it is a one-of-a-kind warming sensation...

The ingenious idea of combining two of our favourite things, booze and ice cream was the brainchild of three friends. The founders left their jobs in showbiz and the culinary world to dedicate all their time to making this highly desirable product, and spent 6 months working on recipes to ensure that the ice cream tasted like the original cocktail and had the same alcoholic content.

Having battled through the obstacles of alcohol not being able to freeze, they eventually produced these four flavours. And thank goodness they did! There is surely no better way to top off an adult dinner party than with these cocktail-inspired ice creams.

Cheers contain no water or air in their recipes which gives the ice cream a unique texture.

The ice creams launch in Selfridges but they are also stocked by Everyman Cinemas, Heathrow VIP lounge, Bounce Ping Pong, Kensington Roof Gardens and are due to launch on Amazon Fresh in June.

While Cheers have plans to expand nationally "very soon", we suggest heading down to London to get your fix of boozy ice cream in the meantime!

Jessica Ransom

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