5 No-Exercise, No-Surgery Cures For Bingo Wings

The killer beauty products to firm, tighten and smooth a slack upper arm - just in time for summer

Love sleeveless outfits, dresses and jumpsuits, but hate showing your upper arms? Un-toned upper arms are the bane for many of us who want to reveal a little more during any party season, come rain or shine. Fortunately, we have discovered some of the best arm toning products to get rid of bingo wings – for good.

Have you tried your best to lose your excess upper arm weight and you’re looking for a new way to lose it? Role models such as Michelle Obama have given us all upper arm envy, making us wish for toned, firm arms. But with busy lifestyles and lots of more enjoyable things to do, who wants to spend all of their time doing exercises for maintain firm upper arms? It takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to banish those bingo wings through exercise, for good.

Instead we have investigated other ways to tone up your upper arms. A much easier – and just as effective – way to lose bingo wings is with applying a targeted cream or gel. New technology and key ingredients that are found in your favourite face moisturisers as well – can actually help banish that unwanted upper arm fat for good.

In anything from two weeks to three months, arms are firmer, more toned and the texture of your skin is smooth. So don’t worry about trying to cramming an intense session in the gym into your already busy lifestyle, forget expensive and painful surgery and instead, put some time to rubbing in some specially formulated creams. From Waitrose own brand grapeseed oil to a product entitled ‘arm sculpt’, these products are available in a range of creams in range of prices. Follow our guide to finding your perfect cream to achieve wonderfully firm upper arms…