Your 2012 horoscopes: Taurus

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Life across the board
On Christmas Day, 2011, Jupiter gets back in business, encouraging you to think big and expect the best. This planet of growth and achievement will remain in your sign until mid-June, so don't lose a moment in implementing those great plans of yours. There is an element of luck operating in your life: a case of right timing for some, a winning ticket for others; for a few, it's all about meeting the right person, and just when you think it's all gone pear-shaped, there will be a turnaround. Mid-May is one of the key periods of 2012, as is mid-March – do not reject an offer out of hand, or be put off by a rejection. On 5 October, Saturn moves into opposition, presenting you with challenges, yet helping you make your mark. It will take more time to achieve your goals from this point, so please make your leaps of faith earlier in the year.

Challenges and rewards
Stability and security, familiarity and constancy are near-sacred to Taurus, so you require a huge amount of reassurance to head down an unknown path. However, I am giving you that reassurance. Taking risks represents a challenge, but delivers rewards. Jupiter transits your sign every 12 years, so if you don't take a chance now, you will lose your tail-wind. Trust those first impressions, even if they argue with what you already know, and put your money where your mouth is – quite literally in some instances. Leaving it too late to act is a tendency you must fight in 2012: you need to grab an opportunity before it slips out of reach and you have to head into damage-limitation mode at the first sign of a problem. Remember, this is the year of the decade for you. The rewards are there.

Fab dates 2 and 13 January, 13 March, 13 May, 22 November,

Drab dates 7 February, 5 May, 15 July, 26 October, 13 November

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