This common holiday booking mistake could be costing you up to £200

Read this if you're booking a holiday soon!

holiday booking

We all love going on holiday, but research has discovered that one simple mistake could make your trip more expensive.

Experts at Holiday Hypermarket found out that flying on a Saturday is way more expensive than any other day of the week, and tourists could be forking out hundreds of pounds more to fly on that day.

They compared the price of flying on Saturday with any other weekend days. Their research was based on two people travelling on an all-inclusive holiday and staying at a four star hotel.

For example, they discovered that Tenerife cost an average of £136 per person more when flights were booked on a Saturday. Sunday departures to Cyprus were found to be £167pp cheaper than Saturday.

Further afield, holidays to Mexico in January were found to be average £213 per person more expensive on Saturday than Sundays. In February, this figure rose to £239 per person.

However there was an exception to this, with Saturday flights to Barbados being cheaper by an average of £297 per person for 14-night trips.

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holiday booking

Holiday Hypermarket’s study only looked at January, February and March travel dates, but if you’re looking for an early 2020 holiday booking then it could be worth knowing!

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Ian Crawford from Holiday Hypermarket, “We analysed holiday prices from all of the leading operators and it’s clear to see that if you can move your travel plans by just a few hours, couples and families can save hundreds of pounds on their holiday.

“The choice of hotels will usually change between departure days but travellers can still choose accommodation at the same grade, so they need to be flexible about where they stay to get the benefit of this hack,’ he added.

“For many destinations, it’s clear that if you swap your Saturday flight you can save enough money for a room upgrade, posh meal or fancy excursion instead.”