Iceland: The w&h Guide

Discover Iceland's natural treasures, from the Northern Lights to the milky geothermal spas

It’s nature’s answer to a fireworks display, and boy does it beat the local council’s annual pyro show. Few natural phenomena are as captivating as the aurora borealis – and Iceland is the prime spot to get a glimpse. The twinkling streaks of light are caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. October to March is the season to catch the spectacle, and to get a proper show you’re best heading to remote locations on a date that doesn’t fall on a full moon. For a budget friendly trip, why not try Reykjavik Excursions bus tours. Or if you want to up your chances of seeing the lights, follow in Joanna Lumley’s footsteps and book on to a Specialised Tours’ 7-night ‘Land of the Northern Lights’ tour.