Hot and Sour Marinated King Prawns Recipe

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5 min


4 min

Nutrition per portion

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  • 400g (14oz) raw, shelled king prawns
  • few shakes Tabasco, to taste
  • 1tbsp soy sauce
  • juice ½ lime, plus wedges to serve


  • In a non-metallic bowl, combine all the ingredients with a good sprinkling of sea salt, cover, chill and allow to marinate for about 20 minutes. Don’t leave the prawns too long as the lime juice will start to “cook” them and they’ll become tough.

  • Heat a frying pan, and when very hot, tip in the drained prawns, add a pinch of salt, and cook until they are pink. Serve immediately with the lime wedges on the side. These prawns go brilliantly with our delicious homemade guacamole (left) to dip them into.

Top Tip

If you’re using frozen prawns (like we did), always let them defrost thoroughly and drain them before marinating. This will get rid of any unwanted excess liquid that will dilute the flavour.

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