The Crown’s Olivia Colman revealed she had an accidental run-in with The Queen

The Crown

The Crown fans everywhere are delighted that Olivia Colman will be playing Queen Elizabeth II in season 3 of the show, but did you know the star had an unexpected run-in with The Queen herself once?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Olivia Colman recently revealed that she found herself accidentally meeting with The Queen during a British Film Institute event. “I have accidentally met the Queen.” Olivia admitted.

She continued, explaining that she joined a queue, thinking it was the line for food - when actually, it was a line to meet the monarch and her husband, Prince Philip!

Olivia said, “It was at a British Film Institute gathering to raise the profile of British film, independent film. We suddenly found ourselves, 200 people, in a big queue.

"I thought maybe we were going in to have some food. I hadn't read the order of the day. I looked around the corner, and there was the Queen and Prince Philip, and went, 'Oh! Oh no! I don’t know what to do!'"

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Thankfully there was someone on-hand to help Olivia out with protocol, as she was told by ‘a gentleman with epaulettes’ not to overdo it.

He advised her to, “[do a] little bow, and you say, Your Majesty, and Your Royal Highness, and go. Make it as swift as possible and go”.

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Olivia Colman confessed the exchange was “sort of sticky-handed” and “stumbly”, but she got through it okay.

Sounds rather terrifying!

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The new series of The Crown will be released on November 17th, and we’re very excited to see Olivia’s take on The Queen, who was previously played by Claire Foy during her younger days.

Olivia has stepped up to play an older version of Queen Elizabeth II, here's everything we know about the new season so far. It sounds like it's going to be very exciting!

Will you be watching?

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