Loose Women Star Reveals That She Was Bullied By ‘Household Name' TV Presenter

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In light of the controversy surrounding Harvey Weinstein and his alleged sexual assults and sexual harrassment, the Loose Women addressed their stories of bullying in the workplace live on Wednesday's show.

The panellists, Linda Robson, Andrea McLean, Janet Street-Porter, and Saira Khan, opened up in a candid chat about their experiences of those in power abusing their position - with some revealing that they'd been through horrific incidences.

Saira Khan in particular made reference to a moment early in her career when she was treated with disrespect by a ‘household name' female TV presenter.

Talking to her fellow panellists, she shared, "I've had experiences of woman bullying me in the workplace and it is completely unacceptable.

"There was one particular incident - obviously I can't name the person - but before she'd even come into the studio she'd told everyone not to make any eye contact with her."

"This is allowed to happen - she's a household name!"

She continued, explaining that while the presenter appeared pleasant on-screen, the reality wasn't the same behind-the-scenes.

"It was my first experience ever with this presenter and she ridiculed me and then at the end really patronised me and went 'Oh, your dad would be proud.'"

"What really annoyed me is that that presenter has been allowed to do that for years and nobody bats an eyelid in this industry, and it's got to change."

Fans on Twitter encouraged Saira to name and shame the bully, although she explained that she was unable to do so.

Linda Robson also opened up about a confronting moment when a well-known TV producer made a pass at her, shortly after a dinner party with his wife.

She also didn't name the perpetrator, but admitted that it was an incident that affected her for years to come.

Janet Street-Porter also joked that even she had been bullied in the workplace, by men in a position of power over her.

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