Ruth Langsford breaks down in tears as she opens up about missing her mother

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  • Loose Women panellist Ruth Langsford ended up in tears on Thursday’s episode, reminding fans that it was 'alright to cry'.

    During lockdown, Ruth Langsford joined Stacey Solomon, Saira Khan and Nadia Sawalha to discuss the last time they had ‘a good cry’, and opened up about their own experiences of letting out their emotions.

    In Ruth’s case, she revealed how she was crying in the kitchen one night and felt very emotional after her son Jack gave her a hug.

    She said, “Because I’m a bit ‘right, let’s just get on with it’ and I was standing washing up and I didn’t know [Jack] was there and was having a good old blub.

    “And he called me and just said ‘hi mum!’ and I turned around and because he could see I was crying, he literally put his arms around me.”

    Jack celebrated his 18th birthday in February, right before lockdown measures were implemented across the country.

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    Fellow panellist Nadia reminded Ruth that it was ‘okay’ to express emotion through crying.

    She added, “I miss hugging my mum, I think we all miss hugging somebody.

    “It’s a very human emotion. It’s alright to cry, because I’ve just done it on telly.” Ruth said, whilst wiping away a tear.

    On Mother’s Day, Ruth shared a heartbreaking video which saw her speaking to her mum through a window due to lockdown measures.

    Speaking about the socially distant visit, Ruth wrote, ‘Locked down but not forgotten! Happy Mother’s Day Mum….love her! ❤️’

    Ruth has a very close relationship with her mum and frequently shares photos and videos of her on her Instagram account.

    She recently opened up about embracing her age, after turning 60 on March 17th.

    Ruth said, “I’m going to embrace being 60. I certainly don’t feel it. I think age is a state of mind.”

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