Nadia Sawalha Admits 'Sobbing' After Suffering From 'Vagina Dysmorphia'

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Live on Loose Women, Nadia Sawalha candidly opened up about an intimate subject that she admits left her in tears, following the birth of her two children.

On Thursday's edition of the show, the ladies were discussing the topic of vagina dysmorphia, as part of their groundbreaking Body Stories campaign.

The topic comes after rising reports in the media and on television that women are increasingly looking to alter the appearance of their intimate areas, and the news that there had been a 45% rise in labiaplasty procedures in the last two years.

And Nadia was the first to admit that she has suffered from her own issues in regards to her vagina and it's appearance, particularly after birth.

The panellist was the first to speak up, admitting that her post-baby appearance down there left her ‘sobbing' after she had her two daughters.

She shared, "I certainly remember after I had my baby sitting there with my legs open and a mirror and sobbing my eyes out because it was so deformed,"

"And that's a kind of dysmorphia isn't it, a kind of warped, overblown idea."

The other Loose ladies also revealed the issues they'd had with their vagina's post-baby, including Stacey Solomon, who has two children.

She admitted, "Even before I was conscious of it - I had those insecurities definitely. But now if you've had children and you meet someone else you think - is it a bit big now, is it massive?

"I do feel really conscious about it."

The Loose Women were praised for addressing such a taboo subject over on social media, suggesting that it could help women identify changes in their body which may signal a life-threatening disease.


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However, some viewers weren't happy about the subject being broached on a daytime TV programme...


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