Meghan Markle Required To Attend Intensive Security Training Before Marrying Prince Harry

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It seems as though Meghan Markle's life is set to change in more ways than one when she marries boyfriend of a year and a half Prince Harry in May 2018.

The former actress, 36, is already swapping her Toronto home and life as an actress in order to marry the fifth-in-line to the throne. And now it looks like she'll have to get used to even more change, as she prepares to undergo intense security training with the SAS in order to prepare for her new role as a royal.

Alex Bomberg, a former royal aide and CEO of Intelligent Protection International Ltd, revealed that Meghan will undergo the training from the Special Air Service, as all major royals before her have done.

The training will put Meghan into tense situations that she could possibly experience as a high-ranking member of the British royal family, such as being held hostage. It's designed in order to prepare the 36-year-old for any situation she might potentially face.

Alex Bomberg explained to The Independent, "If you can imagine her being put into a room, being treated as if she was a hostage, the room being stormed by the SAS, she will be put through that training,

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"Diana and Charles went through that training. Pretty much every senior member of the Royal Family has been through that training."

He also admitted that Meghan's life will now change beyond recognition, and that the intense security measures put on the royal family will mean that she'll certainly lose some of the freedom she's so used to.

Alex admitted, "She won't be able to come and go as freely as she would if she was a normal person...

"Every part of her life now going forward, from anything from going to the dentist to having her hair done will be organised."

Ex-soldier and former bodyguard for Victoria and David Beckham, Garry Curtis, also offered his opinion on what Meghan is likely to face in her security training.

"She'll be taught about driving, defensive driving," he revealed.

And in this age of social media, it seems Meghan will also receive information on how to keep her online identity and technology private.

"She'll be briefed on the electrical side of things and how to keep personal information safe. She may get a brief bit of self-defence but to be honest, if it gets to that situation lots of safety measures will have failed."

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Garry Curtis also revealed that the Duchess-to-be will be given a bodyguard, like the rest of the royals. However, you likely won't ever notice that they're there, as they're intentionally chosen to blend into the background.

"She'll get her own bodyguard, but it won't be some massive meat-head chap. It will be someone who blends in who you won't realise is a bodyguard."

The news comes as it's thought that Prince Harry previously funded Meghan's security protection out of his own pocket, after it was revealed that the pair were dating back in November 2015.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge already have a range of security measures in place at their London home, Kensington Palace - so it's likely Prince Harry and Meghan may soon have some of their own soon enough.

According to official plans, the family have a CCTV system in place, an ‘air-lock' double door system, pop-up bollards and spiked railings, in order to protect themselves against any possible threat.

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