Lorraine Kelly Reveals How Menopause Left Her Feeling Like She'd 'Lost Her Mojo'

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The menopause is undeniably a difficult time in every woman's life, and not even famous TV presenters are immune from its tricky side effects.

Lorraine Kelly is the most recent famous face to speak out about how she's struggled with the challenges of the menopause, after admitting that the period of time left her feeling like she'd lost her mojo.

The 57-year-old presenter, who has one child with husband Steve Smith, revealed that the menopause left her feeling like a different woman, and changed almost her whole perspective on life.

She told Closer magazine, "I lost my mojo. I didn't feel like me. It was weird. Things didn't feel quite right. I wouldn't say I was depressed at all but I wasn't seeing much joy in things.

"It was just my hormones were all over the place. It's like when you're pregnant and you find yourself sobbing at adverts, which is what I used to do.

Talking to Prima magazine earlier in the year, she also admitted that it "was still a difficult thing to go through and I had days when I felt dreadful."

But Lorraine later admitted that she generally tried to put on a brave face to get through it, saying, "I'm good at hiding things. I tend to plaster a smile on and just get on with it. That's what most women do."

The ITV veteran also spoke about how her close friend and colleague Dr Hillary Jones helped her through the last year as she was going through it, and that he even proposed a helpful solution to the problem.

Lorraine discussed how Dr Hillary suggested she use HRT patches to help with the effects of the menopause, and how they worked so well that she "hasn't looked back since". The presenter discussed how the patches helped her to "rebalance" herself after a tricky year.

Chatting about the experience earlier this year in Prima magazine, she hailed the medication, saying "For me, HRT patches were the way forward, and I would urge all women to seek help to find a solution to suit them," she added. "Why not have a bit of extra help when you need it?"

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