‘Lorraine' Criticised By Anne-Marie Duff For Running Misleading Comment

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Actress Anne-Marie Duff has criticised ITV's Lorraine for running misleading quotes alongside her interview on the show on Thursday 12th.

The actress, who has starred in Shameless, Suffragette, and Nowhere Boy, appeared on the morning show to discuss her new play, Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Principle. But the topic eventually lead on to discussion about the Harvey Weinstein controversy, where Anne-Marie went on to explain her point of view as an actress in the industry.

She explained to Lorraine how Weinstein was, to actresses, the "man responsible for getting movies into cinemas", and for that reason, it was easy for him to abuse his position of power over people wanting to succeed in Hollywood.

However, alongside the interview, a tagline reading, ‘Anne-Marie Duff: I was terrified of Weinstein' was run - but fans picked up on the fact that the actress never actually said this.


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A spokesperson for Anne-Marie criticised the show, confirming that she was misquoted, and a false statement was used. They said, "I can confirm she has been misquoted. It was a false statement made by ITV.

"It was misleading and inaccurate to include this tagline while discussing the Weinstein story."

But it seems all is now well, as a spokesperson for Lorraine later told Digital Spy, "We have apologised to Anne-Marie for the on-screen caption used during her interview this morning which was an error."

During her interview, Anne-Marie continued to reveal just how powerful Weinstein really is, and how she feels his position has been the root cause of the alleged abuses that have been confessed recently.

"I've worked on a couple of films that Harvey's company was responsible for distributing in America so you have to understand how powerful this man has been, and that's the issue really.

"Ultimately, you're looking at a man responsible for getting movies into cinemas so for a lot of young actors and actresses, if somebody says: "If you don't do this for me, then the whole film's future can be affected" and that's an awful weight of responsibility."

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