Janet Street-Porter reveals secret skin cancer battle live on Loose Women

"I just thought it was an insect bite"

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Loose Women panellist Janet Street-Porter shared details of her secret skin cancer diagnosis on the ITV chat show today.

The 73-year-old journalist and broadcaster told her Loose Women co-stars Jane Moore, Andrea McLean and Brenda Edwards, that she had been diagnosed with skin cancer just before the UK went into lockdown.

Janet, who confessed she has always been vigilant about checking for skin cancer and looking after her skin in the sun because of her outdoorsy lifestyle, recalled the moment a skin specialist examined what she thought was a bug bite on her nose.

“About four months ago, it was just after Christmas, I came back from Australia. I noticed this spot on my nose, I just thought it was an insect bite,” she said.

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“I showed this tiny spot on my nose to a dermatologist and he immediately referred me to a consultant and they said I've got a basal cell carcinoma, which is a form of skin cancer.”

Explaining that she is undergoing surgery within the next few days to have the cancerous growth removed, the famously feisty telly star went on, “If untreated it could grow. It has to be removed otherwise it's going to get bigger and bigger. Also, I could be left with a very big scar.

“I was about to have it removed then lockdown happened three days before I was supposed to have it removed.”

After urging viewers to monitor marks on their skin and to be clued up when it comes to looking after skin in the sun, Janet confessed the news has caused feelings of anxiety throughout the lockdown.

“I've spent the whole of lockdown getting more and more anxious about it. Although it doesn't look any bigger on top of my skin, this kind of cancer grows under the skin. You can't see it and that's what they've got to cut out.

"So on Wednesday, after weeks and weeks of badgering, my surgeon said I can have my operation."