Janet Street-Porter Calls Nadia Sawalha ‘Selfish’ Over Will Confession

Loose Women is well-known for tackling difficult subjects head on, and Tuesday’s instalment of the show was certainly no exception.

The Loose Womenpanel were discussing organ donation, when Nadia and Janet Street-Porter came to blows over the topic of drawing up a will. Nadia confessed that she hadn’t yet got a will, leaving 71-year-old Janet to brand her ‘unkind’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Nadia explained, “Every time I try and do a will, I can’t. I still haven’t got a will."

To which Janet angrily responded, “That’s ridiculous.”

Nadia didn't appear phased by her fellow Loose Women panellist's response, commenting that she was expecting a negative reaction from Janet. “I know, I knew you were going to tell me off,” she told her.

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Janet went on to criticise the move, saying, “It’s so unkind on your children and your husband.”

It’s likely that Janet was referring to Nadia’s estimated £2.8 million worth, and that fact that, without a will, her children Maddy and Kiki could miss out on any inheritance. Nadia continued to explain the reasons behind her reluctance, admitting that the reality of drawing up a will sometimes gets a bit too much for her.

Drawing up a will is undoubtedly a daunting task. But the government does have an advice page, detailing everything you need to do in order to write one.

Nadia continued, “I know, I know. I’m working towards it. But it gets so complicated, and then I get morbid. It’s totally ridiculous and you’re right, but I’m just wondering if it’s a similar thing [to organ donation].”

Fellow Loose Women panellists were also critical of Stacey Solomon's confession that she remains 'undecided' when it comes to organ donation.

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While Stacey confessed she hadn’t registered as an organ donor, she did explain her reasoning, stating that the thought of it is too difficult to deal with.

The mum-of-two said, “I'm really embarrassed to say this but I haven’t put my organs on the register. I know how incredible that can be and it can save someone's life and what a gift that is.

“But I struggle thinking about being me dead and having someone harvest my organs, which is really selfish. And it's something that I haven't managed to look into or made a decision on yet.”

CLICK HERE to find out more about organ donation and how to register on the donor list.

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