James Middleton shares adorable video as he speaks out on vital issue impacting him and his royal relative

James Middleton shares a sweet video with his dogs and opens up about his learning difficulty

James Middleton
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James Middleton has shared a sweet video with his pet pooches as he opens up about an exciting new project and also opens up about his learning difficulties.

James Middleton took to Instagram to share a sweet video of him cycling with his dogs. The adorable gang of pooches sat in a trailer-style basket at the front of James' bicycle so he could keep an eye on them as they cycled through the countryside.

In the video, James said, "I get asked so many questions about how I navigate my life with my dogs and I wanted to share some handy information I found along the way, that I hope will come in useful for you too."

"So to document all of this, I have started up my own blog for dog parents and parents to be."

In the caption of this post, James further explained what kind of information he will be sharing on his blog.

"I put a lot of thought into the questions I get asked daily by dog parents. Though I’m no 'expert' by any means, I’ve been surrounded by dogs my whole life and, as most of you know, I live with six at home, so I’ve encountered just about every hurdle you come across with having a dog - from house training a puppy, to making life easier for an older dog," said James in the caption of this post.

"Along the way, I’ve learnt so much and my number one goal has been to ensure I provide the best life I possibly can for my dogs. There is SO much conflicting information out there which can be really confusing for dog parents!"

"So, I’ve decided to start a blog to share my learnings, thoughts and experiences I’ve discovered along the way. I really hope it can be a useful resource for anyone with a dog (or who might be thinking about getting a dog!)"

James is the proud owner of six dogs and the founder of a freeze-dried raw dog food company titled Ella&Co. 

The Duchess of Cambridge's brother regularly posts pup-dates about his large pack of dogs and just recently James Middleton shows off his dog's hilarious reaction to the pubs re-opening.

The new blogging project is available on his raw food website Ella&Co and already has a variety of different hints and tips such as: 'How many treats should you feed your dog' and 'How to prepare for a holiday with your dog.'

In the video, James also revealed that the creation of his blog may be a particular challenge for him because he suffers from a learning difficulty.

"Being dyslexic, it's gonna be a bit of a challenge so keep an eye out for the odd spelling mistake," said James in the Instagram video.

Fans appreciated this statement from James and took to social media to thank him for his openness.

"Thank you for talking about dyslexia. I have always had a problem with spelling and attention to detail in general and all through my education and even at work people have told me to proofread myself or pay more attention often in an angry or condescending way, " one fan said.

Adding, "They almost always assume we are not trying hard enough which not only is unfair it’s also very hurtful especially for children. People have no idea how hard it can be. Dyslexia and different learning patterns (because that’s what it is, an out-of-ordinary learning pattern) should be discussed a lot more than they currently are."

James replied to this commenter on the Ella&Co account and said, "completely agree. All the best to you."

Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that affects many people across the world. One member of the royal family has recently tried to shatter the stereotypes surrounding dyslexia. Princess Beatrice opened up about the ‘gift’ of dyslexia in a recent interview with Hello!

The Princess spoke about dyslexia as a 'gift' and said that her children would be 'lucky' to be diagnosed with the learning difficulty.

In the interview, when asked if she is thinking ahead to her children's school years and the possible challenges to come, Princess Beatrice responded, "I was thinking about this as well, that if any child, any bonus son, or future babies that are on their way, are lucky enough to be diagnosed with dyslexia, I feel incredibly grateful to have tools such as the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity to be able to tap into, to give them that extra support."

The Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity is a foundation that Princess Beatrice is a patron of and supports dyslexic parents like Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

The Queen’s granddaughter continued, "My husband's also dyslexic so we'll see whether we're having this conversation in a couple of months' time with a new baby in the house, but I really see it as a gift.”

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