Where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now? Scott Scurlock's accomplice today

Netflix's How To Rob A Bank has viewers wondering where Scott Scurlock's accomplice Mark Biggins is now

Where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now?
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Netflix's latest true-crime offering has viewers asking where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now? Here we share everything we know about the whereabouts of Scott Scurlock's accomplice. Spoilers ahead!

True-crime fans are spoilt for choice when it comes to enthralling and intriguing content, whether it's fictionalised tales of crimes like Netflix's Eric or hit series Ripley or it's jaw-dropping true-life content like the bone-chilling Parachute Murder Plot

For fans of those real-life tales, the streamer's latest release How To Rob A Bank has not disappointed. Detailing the story of infamous bank robber Scott Scurlock, who robbed more than 18 banks in Seattle back in in the 1990s, the documentary shows how the criminal got his nickname of the Hollywood Bandit as he relied on elaborate disguises to pull of his heists, with the criminal altering his appearance through makeup, wigs, and other props. 

Scurlock had many accomplices throughout his 18-year criminal career, with them all earning millions of dollars for the help they gave. But while Scurlock, who is now one of the most notorious bank robbers in American history, was tracked down by police and took his own life before law enforcement could close in, many of his accomplices survived. 

Where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now?

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Mark Biggins was one such accomplice. He first helped Scurlock rob a bank on June 25, 1992 but their crime didn't go according to plan. The get-away vehicle they had stowed away may have been in perfect working order, but Biggins was so nervous about getting away that he flooded the engine and the pair were forced to flee the bank on foot. 

They were chased by police dogs but managed to get away and Biggins, though he vowed to never rob another bank, was now fully inducted into the criminal world. 

He shared his story in How To Rob A Bank, appearing on the documentary to talk about the ins and outs of his crimes. Talking about his first bank robbery, he said, “Once you do Cross The Rubicon and start living that life, you have to lie to everybody about everything. Everybody you care about, everybody you meet.”

The lies would come to an abrupt end for Biggins in 1996 when he and Scurlock arrived at Seafirst Bank to take the $4 million they believed the bank to have on hand that day. They pulled it off but, during their getaway, became stuck in traffic. When police recognised their van, there was a dramatic shoot out and Biggins was shot in the arm. 

“Outside of the van, I was in and out of consciousness,” Biggins told the documentary. “I remember Mike Magan opening one of my eyelids checking to see if I was living or dead. I remember having a sense of relief that it’s finally over. I can let it go now. I don’t have to live like this anymore.”

He was subsequently arrested and later pleaded guilty to charges of armed bank robbery, conspiracy, assault on a federal officer, and use of firearms during an assault on a federal officer. But where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now? 

Where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now?

(Image credit: Netflix)

Where is Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank now? 

Mark Biggins from How To Rob A Bank was released from prison in 2015 and now lives a quiet life in Olympia, Washington. Not much was known about him and his whereabouts until he appeared in the Netflix documentary where he expressed a deep regret for his part in Scurlock's crimes. 

He candidly revealed, “I’ve read the victim impact statements and some bank tellers and some customers in the bank were truly traumatised by the whole experience and I regret that. Sincerely.” 

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