Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn just shared the most unexpected news ever - and it's perfect for Halloween

Goldie Hawn had a close encounter of the third kind

Goldie Hawn has shared the most unbelievable story
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Goldie Hawn – legend, icon, national treasure – has always done things her own way.

From a varied film career careening from serious dramas to rip-roaring comedies – plus her choice to never marry her long-time partner Kurt Russell – Goldie has never been afraid to forge her own path. This means we’ve come to expect quirky admissions and lovably off-kilter moments from the star of classics including The First Wives Club and Private Benjamin.

However, her latest revelation for an episode of Apple Fitness’ Time to Walk has completely left us confounded.

In the special episode available, the Oscar winning actress opened up about one of her strangest experiences - a close encounter with alien life.

The Overboard star spoke about a memory which saw her going to sleep in a friend's car after a dance rehearsal where she heard a “high-pitched sound” that prompted her to look out the window.

And that’s where the aliens come in.

“I saw these two or three triangular-shaped heads. They were silver in colour, slash for a mouth, tiny little nose, no ears. They were pointing at me, pointing at me in the car as if they were discussing me, like I was a subject. And they were droning…”

“I didn't know if it was real or not real. And finally, I burst out of it. It was like bursting out of a forcefield. And of course, I go back to all the kids and stuff, and I went, 'Oh, my God. I think I made contact with outer space,' I mean, something like that.”

Erm, okay. So far, so… something. But it continues!

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

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Goldie went on to say that she’d later seek out an astrophysicist to discuss her experiences further, and she compared it to “regression therapy,” unlocking even more memories from her eerie encounter.

“Suddenly I remembered something. They touched my face. They touched my face, and it felt like the finger of God. It was the most benevolent, loving feeling. This was powerful. It was filled with light.”

Goldie Hawn is mother to actress Kate Hudson

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And that isn’t her only spooky, surreal memory.

She also recounted a dream she had in London of seeing six lights coming up on “some little mountains up across the valley.” Later, she drove to a place that resembled the valley in her dream where she ran into a mysterious heart-shaped crop circle.

Speaking of what she makes of all these encounters, Goldie showcased her signature joie de vivre.

“I don’t want to know everything,” she said. “We cut ourselves off from a lot of things if we’re continuing to deny something that we have no proof over. There’s a lot of things in this world that we can’t see, but we can’t stop believing.”

She added, “We can never, ever lose our wonder. It's just no fun. It's really an important aspect of being an adventurer, where nothing is impossible.”

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