Amy Schumer speaks out on her trichotillomania diagnosis and the vulnerability of 'people knowing I pull my hair out'

The actress first spoke about the 'hair pulling' condition earlier this year

Amy Schumer
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Amy Schumer has spoken out about her experience with trichotillomania - a disorder which makes her pull her hair out.

The Trainwreck actress was diagnosed with the condition, which makes people pull hair from their scalp or other areas of their body, when she was a child, but spoke publicly about it for the first time earlier this year.

Amy, who has been left with a bald patch on her scalp, spoke to The New Yorker about how talking about her diagnosis has made her feel 'vulnerable'. 

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The comedian, who also opened up about getting liposuction earlier this year, told The New Yorker, “The vulnerability of people knowing I pull my hair out, it feels very raw to me. . . . It’s, you know, bald spots. It’s, like, that’s what a monster and a goblin have.”

Trichotillomania, which can also be known as trich, is when someone cannot resist the urge to pull out their hair - according to the NHS. 

They also go on to say that people with the condition may pull out the hair on their head or in other places, such as their eyebrows or eyelashes. While trich is said to be more common in teenagers and young adults.

The mother of one, who isn't shy about revealing personal information, sharing pictures of her son's birth last year via social media, first spoke about her diagnosis in April.

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Originally diagnosed with the mental health condition when she was a child, the actress told Howard Stern in April, "When I was 13, I pulled out so much hair that I needed to get a wig and wear a wig to school - and it was humiliating, and it was really hard."

"I thought I was okay. I didn't realize that I was not okay and the hair pulling was a symptom of that. I would not even realize I did it and just look down and there would be a pile of hair."

Amy, who along with a pregnant Jennifer Lawrence protested against Texas abortion law last year also said that her mom was 'horrified and upset' by it, "She would help me do my hair before school every morning, and she would be crying while she helped me with my hair."

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