We celebrate those women who have strived to 'make it happen' and made us proud to be female...

1. Emma Watson launches #heforshe campaign

When Good Will Ambassador Emma Watson launched the #heforshe campaign, a movement fighting for greater gender equality, her emotional speech reached over a million hits on YouTube. The campaign calls for men to join women in standing up for gender equality and take action against discrimination faced by women and girls.


2. Jane Austen's face on a £10 note

Following a public outcry addressing the long-term absence of women represented on bank notes, in 2013 the Bank of England unveiled a new design featuring Jane Austen. The bank note, headed by one of the greatest female writers in English literature, will appear from 2017.

3. Jo Pavey becomes the oldest woman to win European Champion title

In her comeback race, just one month after she'd stopped breastfeeding, super-Mum Jo Pavey won the women's 10,000m at the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich at the age of 40.

4. British all women orchestra debuted in 1934

A British all women orchestra debuted at the Queen's Hall, London in 1934. The bulletin reads 'Practically all the great orchestras of the world are staffed by mere man - but to England belongs the proud distinction of having the World's finest women's orchestra. Today we are privileged to present the 80 performers of The British Women's Symphony Orchestra.'


5. Libby Lane became the first female Church of England bishop consecrat


When Libby Lane was consecrated at the beginning of this year, the 48-year-old was made Bishop of Stockport and became the first female Church of England Bishop.

6. Sport England's This Girl Can campaign

With motivating tag lines like 'I jiggle therefore I am', Sport England's campaign sought to change the face of women's sport, encouraging us to wiggle, jiggle, sweat and enjoy excercise in any form.


7. Malala Yousafzai became the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner

After Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai wrote an anonymous diary expressing her want for girls to remain in school and get an education, she became the victim of a Taliban gunman. Her story of courage, bravery and her remarkable recovery was acknowledged with a Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.

8. Sheryl Sandberg campaigns to bring women more power in the workplace

Facebook COO and founder of LeanIn.org, Sheryl is passionate about women succeeding at work and in business. Her TED talk addresses some of the inequalities faced by women in the workplace.


9. Kathryn Bigelow makes history as the first woman woman to win an Oscar for best director

Kathryn Bigelow won best director at the Oscars in 2010 for the film The Hurt Locker, a low budget film about a bomb disposal team.

10. Margaret Mizen awarded an MBE for her service to the community

When her 16-year-old son Jimmy was tragically stabbed to death, Margaret set up a the Jimmy Mizen Foundation in his memory. The foundation helps young people play a positive role within their communities. Margaret and her husband were awarded an MBE for their service to the community.

11. Janet Yellen landed the top money job

At 67 Janet Yellen became the first woman to head the Federal Reserve, the central banking system of the US - the top money job.

12. Marilyn Baldwin established

Think Jessica Charity

After her mother, Jessica, then 83, was targeted by fraudsters working in organised gangs, Marilyn set up Think Jessica, a charity that raises a awareness of postal and telephone scams targeting vulnerable members of society. She was awarded an OBE.